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Who is Chunkz?

Chunkz is an English YouTube personality and host. His real name is Amin Mohammed. He was born in northwest London on February 12, 1996. He is the youngest child of five. In the 1990s, his parents immigrated from Somaliland to the UK. Chunkz has Arabic ancestry and is Muslim.

Chunkz studied finance maths at London Metropolitan University before pursuing his YouTube career. In 2016, he left university to pursue his passion of creating entertaining YouTube content. His YouTube channel is a huge success with more than 2 million subscribers, and 142 millions video views by December 2022.


Chunkz, in addition to being a YouTube star, is also a part of the YouTube group Beta Squad. This group is made up of several well-known content creators. Chunkz has worked with other content creators such as AJ Shabeel and Sharky. He has also appeared on TV shows like Soccer AM, The Big Narstie Show and The Lateish Show.

Chunkz, a leading figure in the world of online entertainment, is known for his humorous personality and engaging content. He remains grounded despite his success and continues to entertain and inspire his fans.

Is Chunkz MarriedIs Chunkz Married?

Chunkz has married. Chunkz announced on social media that he was married and posted a photo of his wife. As of the date of this report, the name has not yet been confirmed. Chunkz said in his post that he was married. I kept this one secret, hehe.”

Chunkz did not announce his engagement or marriage plans publicly. We can therefore conclude that Chunkz kept this secret and is married. It’s important to remember that celebrity personal lives are subject to change and the information provided may not be current.

Chunkz, an English YouTuber, is known for his entertaining videos, which include rap battles and challenges. He also has a YouTube channel called Chunkz. He has a large following on social networks and has worked with other content creators.

Is Chunkz Muslim?

Yes, Amin Mohammed, who is an English personality and popular host, former musician, and a Muslim by birth, is also a popular English personality. He was born in 1996 and has Arabic roots. Chunkz, also known as “Chunkz”, has become a popular figure on social media platforms and YouTube.

Chunkz has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 142 millions times as of December 2022. His engaging content includes rap challenges, pranks and videos featuring popular guests and other creators.

Chunkz, in addition to his YouTube fame, has made many television appearances. These include Soccer AM, The Big Narstie Show, and The Lateish Show With Mo Gilligan. He has hosted events and collaborated with popular creators such as AJ Shabeel and Sharky.

Chunkz is a popular and influential figure within the online entertainment industry. He has a large fan base and a strong social media presence.

Does Chunkz Have a Child?

According to available information, Chunkz doesn’t have a child. There is no evidence to suggest that Chunkz has a child. It is important to remember that celebrities tend to keep their private lives private. Therefore, it’s possible that Chunkz has a secret child. According to the available information, Chunkz doesn’t have a baby.

Chunkz Biography

Specifications Details
Name Chunkz
Real Name Amin Mohamed
Profession YouTubers, actors, and rappers
Age 27 Years Old
D.O.B 12 February 1996
Birthplace London, England
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Net worth N/A

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