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Stern Warning To Radical Religious Groups In Somaliland

The Somaliland government must send a stern warning to the I’tisam Group and other religious groups in the country of taking tough legal measures against them if they are caught involved in subversive activities against Somaliland's independence and territorial integrity.

Magnitude And Factors Associated With Teenage Pregnancy In Somaliland

Magnitude and Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy in Somaliland: Evidence from Somaliland Health and Demographic Survey, 2020





    Following UN Findings Of Widespread Theft, The EU Temporarily Withholds Food...

    The European Union executive has temporarily suspended funding for the World Food Programme (WFP) in Somalia, two senior EU officials told Reuters on Monday, after a U.N. investigation found widespread theft and misuse of aid meant to avert famine.

    Al-Shabaab Whetting Sword Near The Border Of Ethiopia

    Al-Shabaab, an Islamist military and political group seems to be engaged in whetting its sword against Ethiopia and its military force under the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).


    Berbera Port Being Slated As An Alternative To Djibouti For East...

    Development at the port of Berbera continues with it being slated as an alternative to Djibouti for East African trade

    New Oil Storage Terminal Opened In Somaliland To Serve Horn Of...

    Dahabshiil Oil Storage Terminal will help those who seek to unload oil and gas from the National Port of Berbera


    Why SNM Spurns USC Overtures

    The New African Magazine [London]. May 1991. Koert Lindijer. "Somalia: Why SNM Spurns USC Overtures."

    Dr Sada Mire Receives National Geographic Wayfinder Award

    Dr Sada Mire (UCL Institute of Archaeology) has received a National Geographic Wayfinder Award and joins the newest cohort of National Geographic Explorers.


    International Partners Call Political Leaders To Adhere To Election Timelines As...

    International Partners that support Somaliland’s democracy and elections have called political leaders to adhere to the timelines as the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) set out

    Somaliland National Electoral Commission Sets Schedule For Election Dates

    The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC), released on Monday a road map for elections to decide the next three national parties
    . Lieutenant Colonel Eric Swayne was invalidated, and Brigadier General W.H. Manning was appointed to command the Third Campaign, focusing on Berbera and limiting Somali troops' reliability.
    The Second British Campaign in Somaliland against the “Mad Mullah” And the founding of the 6th King’s African Rifles in January to November 1902




    Tribal Borders Cannot Lead To Unity For Somalia Or Bring Back...

    The conflict in Las Anod is primarily about tribal borders and minority rule, setting the stage for other tribes within Somalia and Somaliland to establish their own minority rule



    Muslim Billionaire To Convert Iconic London Landmark Into Mosque

    Muslim Billionaire Asif Aziz has obtained permission to convert a part of London’s iconic Trocadero building into a mosque and Islamic center.


    APO Group - Africa Newsroom



    Kenya Revives Plans For $13.8 Billion High-Speed Electric Railway To Ethiopia

    Kenya plans to begin construction in 2025 of a $13.8 billion high-speed electric railway from its Indian Ocean port of Lamu to Ethiopia and South Sudan.

    How N-Soft Help Governments Finding Revenue Leakages In A Mobile Money...

    This is where N-Soft technology plays an important role in assisting governments with tools to offer visibility into their country’s revenue leakages.


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    Iftin: The Band That Soundtracked Somalia’s Golden Age

    Iftin Band defined an era of post-independence positivity and spread messages about public health and literacy


    Rawdah Mohamed Somali Hijab-Wearing Model Who Became A Vogue Fashion Editor

    When Rawdah Mohamed lived in an asylum camp after arriving in Norway as a refugee, she was teased at school for wearing a hijab



    The App Teaching Somalis To Read And Write

    Ms. Artan was never taught to read or write. Then, a few months ago, she found out about an app called Daariz, which, according to their user data, has now taught over 410,000 people across the Horn of Africa to do just that.


    Bank-Funded Water And Sanitation Project Improving Livelihood In Somaliland

    The project had a capacity-building component comprising establishing and training 27 community water management and 23 community sanitation and hygiene promotion committees


    Magnitude And Factors Associated With Teenage Pregnancy In Somaliland

    Magnitude and Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy in Somaliland: Evidence from Somaliland Health and Demographic Survey, 2020


    Sir Mo Farah’s Career Reaches Emotional End At The Great North Run

    Sir Mo Farah, one of the most accomplished long-distance runners in history, recently completed the final race of his career. Farah, a British athlete of Somaliland heritage, has achieved numerous accolades and records throughout his illustrious career.

    Sealand: The National Football Team From A Country Half The Size Of A Football Pitch

    The Sealand national football team have had several celebrity players, a chequered history, and call a naval fort home

    Liverpool’s Devastating Frontline Hit New Heights To Bring Shambolic Man Utd Crashing Back To Earth

    Manchester United were seemingly starting a bright new era. Last weekend's EFL Cup success at Wembley was their first trophy in nearly six years and provided a tangible element to the improvement inspired by Erik ten Hag.

    Mohamed Salah Reacts To Breaking Two Liverpool Records In Man Utd Mauling

    Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez and Cody Gakpo all scored braces to help Liverpool hammer Manchester...

    Messi Vs Ronaldo: Head-To-Head History, Records And Stats

    All you need to know about the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry, from their careers in club football to the international stage.