Monday, June 18, 2018

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The Americas

WorldRemit Now Offers Money Transfer Services In All 50 States

Leading digital money transfer service WorldRemit today announced it has received licenses in all 50 states – enabling customers across the country to use its fast, convenient service.

Middle East

Report: Somalia And The Gulf Crisis

The quarrel between Gulf monarchies has spilled into Somalia, with the fragile state now caught between the rival interests of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The competition has already aggravated intra-Somali disputes. All sides should take a step back before these tensions mount further.


Interview: Unwavering Struggle For Nationhood

On the 27th anniversary of Somaliland’s reclaimed independence from Somalia, Birhanu Fikade of The Reporter sat down with Shire for a brief interview in Hargeisa.

أخبار محلية


Inflation, A Painful Threat To Somaliland People

Somaliland is a nation on the Horn of Africa that has been running its affairs independently and nears to be recognized soon by the world countries is now dealing with a painful inflation.

Arimaha Bulshadda


Salah Fit For Egypt’s World Cup Opener

Egypt forward Mohamed Salah is "almost 100%" certain to play in Friday's World Cup opener against Uruguay in Yekaterinburg, says boss Hector Cuper.