Sudanese Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council Malik Agar embarked on an official visit to Saint Petersburg Monday to participate in the 27th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum and bolster bilateral relations with Russia.

Accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Minerals, Agar’s visit comes amidst ongoing discussions regarding a potential Russian naval logistical support center on the Red Sea.

Recent reports suggest that the Sudanese army is considering this proposal in exchange for weapons and ammunition, marking a shift in policy since the collapse of the previous regime.

Sudan’s Malik Agar Visits Russia Amidst Military Base Negotiations
Malik Agar at Port Sudan airport heading to Russia on June 3, 2024

During his visit, Agar is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a range of issues, including bilateral relations, the ongoing conflict in Sudan, and its broader regional and international implications.

Member of the Sovereign Council and Assistant Commander of the Army Yasir al-Atta previously confirmed Russia’s request for the naval base and offered to provide the army with weapons and ammunition. He stated that agreements would soon be finalized by the head of the Sovereign Council, al-Burhan.

Sudanese Diplomat Confirms Commitment To Russian Naval Base On Red Sea
This picture taken on October 9, 2021, shows a view of the Sudan-flagged “Dahab” roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ferry vessel docked in Port Sudan along the Red Sea in the country’s northeast. © AFP 2023 ASHRAF SHAZLY

The Sudanese army’s apparent willingness to engage in these negotiations highlights the region’s evolving geopolitical landscape, particularly in the wake of the ongoing conflict with the Rapid Support Forces.