This geopolitical documentary explores Somaliland’s path towards democracy, focusing on the challenges it has faced in order to achieve stability. It delves into the geopolitical factors that have influenced the country’s democratic journey and highlights the obstacles that Somaliland has had to overcome in its quest for stability.

In Somaliland, a country that is not internationally recognized as a separate country, there is a form of democracy that stands out despite facing challenges like anarchy, terrorism, and piracy in the surrounding area.

A documentary crew from Real Stories visited Somaliland during the 2012 elections to explore its democratic journey amidst challenges like underdevelopment and volatility.


This documentary delves into the story of how individuals in Somaliland are working hard to maintain democratic principles even in the face of issues like poverty, lack of development, and instability.

Geopolitical Documentary – Somaliland's Journey To Democracy, Overcoming Obstacles For Stability
Photo shows people in Somaliland campaigning (Photo © Kate Stanworth/Progressio)

Despite its struggles, Somaliland has successfully conducted six peaceful elections, establishing itself as one of the most advanced democracies in Africa. The upcoming election is significant at both local and national levels, as it will determine councilors and the three political parties allowed to nominate candidates for the presidency.

Difficulties such as limited funding, logistical problems, and security threats underscore the complexities of organizing fair and peaceful elections in Somaliland.

Nevertheless, the people of Somaliland take pride in their accomplishments despite the challenges they face.