This video discusses the paradox of the U.S. stance on recognizing Somaliland, highlighting the recent tension between Ethiopia and Somalia over a port deal between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Ethiopia seeks an alternative port to reduce the financial burden of paying rent for the port of Djibouti, with Somaliland being a potential option.

Somaliland, despite being an independent state for the past 33 years, is not globally recognized, except by Taiwan.


The video points out the historical background of Somaliland’s independence and its subsequent union with Somalia, followed by its declaration of independence in 1991.

Mahlet Ayele Beyecha – Research MA in African Studies and MA in Middle Eastern Studies – criticizes the U.S. for a double standard, noting that the U.S. recognized Somaliland’s independence in 1960 but refrains from recognizing it after the recent deal with Ethiopia.

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