The Quest For Recognition – Clive Ettia interviews Sharmake Ali, a vocal advocate for Somaliland’s sovereignty.

This episode of “BRICS Voices” explores the complex geopolitical situation in the Horn of Africa, focusing on the resilient state of Somaliland and its pursuit of international recognition.

Clive Ettia interviews Sharmake Ali, a vocal advocate for Somaliland’s sovereignty. They discuss Somaliland’s relationship with Ethiopia, their recent signature of a Memorandum of Understanding, and its wider impact on regional and global affairs.


The episode not only highlights Somaliland’s struggle for self-determination but also showcases the interplay of various nations within a rapidly changing global order.

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Sharmake Ali and Clive discuss the history, present obstacles, and geopolitical complexities of Somaliland. They analyze BRICS nations’, Ethiopia’s, and the international community’s involvement in the region. Their discussion highlights Somaliland’s distinct status, Ethiopia’s aspirations after joining BRICS, and the ramifications of their alliance for the Horn of Africa and beyond.

Although the discussion covers Somaliland’s path to recognition and the implications of the Ethiopia-Somaliland agreement, it lacks a broader perspective. It doesn’t discuss the internal politics of BRICS nations or the impact of the alliance on their foreign policies.

The Quest For Recognition - A Conversation With Sharmake Ali Somaliland ActivistAdditionally, it overlooks the roles of other international actors, such as neighboring countries and global powers, in the stability of the Horn of Africa. We focus on Somaliland’s aspirations, Ethiopia’s strategic moves, and the geopolitical changes in the region.

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to @HargeisaHD Agency and @YonisFarahOsman for their generous permission to use their wonderful video footage of Somaliland. Your stunning visuals have greatly enhanced our narrative, bringing the beauty and complexity of Somaliland to our audience in an unparalleled way. Thank you for your support and for allowing us to share the splendor of Somaliland with the world.

00:00 – Introduction and Disclaimer

01:27 – Exploring Somaliland: History, Culture, and Quest for Recognition

10:00 – Challenges on the Road to Recognition

16:46 – Personal Journey into Activism for Somaliland

20:27 – Achievements in Governance and Stability Without Recognition

26:20 – Vision for Somaliland’s Future and Global Role

28:22 – International Community: A Message from Somaliland

29:23 – Ethiopia and BRICS: A Strategic Shift?

30:48 – Regional Reactions to the MoU: Opposition and Support Explained

39:45 – US Interests in Somaliland: Strategy and Influence

43:05 – Russia’s Engagement and Potential Impact on Regional Dynamics

47:12 – Conclusion: Your Questions and Suggestions Welcome!