This video takes us on a journey from Costa Rica to Somaliland, a country that’s not on the world map and hasn’t been visible for decades.

The Costa Rican YouTuber, Cristopher Araya, better known as Araya Vlogs, is on his way to Somaliland, a country that only two or three countries, including Ethiopia, recognize.

The presence of a drone in the protagonist’s bag is one of the biggest problems with this journey. The journey is filled with numerous checks, with the protagonist passing about seven at this point. More control is expected as they approach Somaliland due to smuggling.


The protagonist is excited about the adventure and the potential dangers that await them. They are aware of the difficulties and potential smuggling along this route, but they’re determined to overcome these obstacles in order to reach Somaliland.

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However, due to the complex nature of the region and its potential for smuggling, the protagonist’s journey into Somaliland is a unique challenge.

The journey is full of excitement and challenges, but the ultimate goal is to reach a destination—Somaliland—that cannot be found on any map.

Araya’s expedition is a testament to the human spirit of adventure and determination. Despite the potential risks and challenges, Araya remains focused on his goal. His journey is a reminder that, with determination and perseverance, any goal can be achieved.