Unpacking the Horn of Africa’s Geopolitical Mess: Somaliland, Ethiopia, and BRICS

By Think BRICS

Uncover the geopolitical hotspots of the Horn of Africa, where Somaliland, Ethiopia, and the BRICS nations intertwine. Explore the intricacies of the Somaliland-Ethiopia alliance and its impact on global diplomacy. This gripping video dissects the complex web of rivalries, ambitions, and shifting alliances embroiling Somaliland, Ethiopia, BRICS nations, and global powers in a high-stakes game of regional influence and access to the strategic Red Sea.

Unravel the intricate layers as landlocked Ethiopia signs a deal with breakaway Somaliland for access to the Berbera port, stoking fury from Somalia which views it as a violation of its territorial sovereignty. Explore the complex colonial legacies, border disputes, and Ethiopia’s pursuit of a maritime foothold after losing access to Eritrean ports. Witness how major powers like China, Russia, Egypt, UAE, and even Al-Shabaab terrorist group stake conflicting positions, transforming the region into a geopolitical chessboard.


Horn Of Africa's Geopolitical Mess Somaliland-Ethiopia And BRICSWhile providing a comprehensive overview, the video does not delve into the intricate historical roots of the Somali Civil War or the specifics of Somaliland’s quest for independence. It does not scrutinize the legal frameworks governing territorial claims or dissect the feasibility of Ethiopia’s proposed naval base.

The video steers clear of granular military analyses, avoiding assessment of naval capabilities or potential armed conflicts. It does not examine economic factors such as trade routes, resource contestations, or the financial viability of port operations.

Furthermore, the video refrains from delving into the internal political dynamics of involved nations, steering clear of domestic power struggles, ethnic tensions, or leadership transitions. It also does not provide in-depth cultural or societal context regarding the region’s diverse populations.