Somaliland 1940 | BATTLESTORM-LITE Documentary – Italy invades British Somaliland in August 1940 shortly after joining the war.

As part of the East African Campaign, General Nasi leads an overwhelming force of Italian colonial and irregular banda against the small British Camel Corps and co.

Wavell sends General Godwin-Austin to lead the British forces.


The Battle of Tug Argan decides the fate of British Somaliland.

BATTLESTORM is a WW2 History documentary series aiming to explain battles and campaigns using 3D animation in as much detail as possible.

BATTLESTORM-LITE aims to do the same but with 2D animations and fewer sources (due to time restraints).

All research, music, narration, and animations created by TIK.

Source used in this episode: Playfair, I. History of The Second World War: United Kingdom Military Series. The Mediterranean And Middle East. Volume 1: Early Successes against Italy [to May 1941]. The Naval & Military Press Ltd, 2004.


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