The Dahabshiil Group has initiated the construction of a new emergency department building at the Buhodle district hospital in Somaliland.

Funding for the new department came from Dahabshiil Group, Somtel, E-Dahab, and Dahab-Plus.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital extension in Buhodle district was attended by district officials, traditional leaders, medical staff, community members, and representatives from Dahabshiil.


Ismail Ise, the manager of Dahabshiil Company in Buhodle, emphasized the range of public services that the group has introduced for the people of Buhodle and its environs.

This marks their third project solely in the healthcare sector that they have supported.

Additionally, the group has undertaken road construction and related services in the region.

Dahabshiil Builds Emergency Department At Buhodle Central HospitalIsmail Ise stated, “Today we lay the foundation stone for the Central Hospital in Buhodle, specifically for the emergency department; this building is part of the hospital’s refurbishment.”

He further mentioned, “This isn’t the first time such construction has taken place in the Buhodle district; it is our third initiative in the healthcare sector.”

“We have made significant contributions to the mental health hospital and provided an ambulance to local authorities,” he elaborated.

“We have also made substantial improvements at the University of East Africa branch in Buhodle, focusing on training facilities and educational services.”

Their philanthropic endeavors in the area are unmatched by any other private entity in the country.

Dahabshiil Builds Emergency Department At Buhodle Central HospitalDr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, the director of Buhodle District Hospital, expressed appreciation for the philanthropic efforts of Dahabshiil at the central hospital in Buhodle District.

He remarked, “We welcome Dahabshiil Company’s significant role in the hospital’s development and appreciate their response to our requests.”

Dahabshiil Group has a history of involvement in the development of public services in the Buhodle district, with hospital officials committed to enhancing services in the district.