Taiwan envoy to Somaliland, Allen C Lou says Taiwan’s experience with COVID-19 justifies cooperation with WHO

Allen C. Lou, Taiwan’s representative to Somaliland, issued a public call for the World Health Organization (WHO) to admit Taiwan to proceedings of the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA), which will be held from May 21-30.

“Taiwan needs the WHO, and the WHO also needs Taiwan,” said Lou, whose statement emphasized the effective measures Taiwan adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite receiving no cooperation or assistance from the global health body. Lou said Taiwan wants to share its experiences and success with the rest of the world.


Despite being ostracized from international bodies like the United Nations, and its subsidiary organization, the WHO, Lou said that Taiwan still pursues many of the same goals as the organization. “Taiwan fully supports health-related sustainable development goals and the WHO’s targets,” said Lou.

Lou’s press release comes two days after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for WHO to admit Taiwan to this year’s WHA as an observer.

Taiwan Envoy To Somaliland Calls On WHO To Let Taiwan Join World Health Assembly
Taiwan’s Ambassador to Somaliland, Allen C. Lou. (MOFA photo)

When compared to the 38 member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Taiwan ranks sixth-lowest in COVID-19 mortality and case-fatality rates. Taiwan also has one of the highest vaccination rates for COVID-19 in terms of single vaccines as well as boosters. “None of the data justifies Taiwan’s exclusion from WHO activities,” said Lou.

As Taiwan’s representative to Somaliland, with a Taiwan Representative Office established there in 2020, Lou has also overseen enormous amounts of aid and medical assistance provided to the region. He underlined in his remarks that “healthcare cooperation” is at the heart of Taiwan and Somaliland relations.

Lou says that Taiwan is more than willing to expand its healthcare cooperation initiatives beyond the borders of Somaliland to the rest of East Africa, and would gladly do so, if the WHO was willing to cooperate, “Let Taiwan In” and support meaningful participation in the organization’s global healthcare campaigns.

Taiwan’s ambassador to Somaliland said “No healthcare cause should ever be politicized” and that “healthcare, sympathy, and empathy” will continue to transcend borders. “Taiwan has been and will continue to work with the world to help ensure the fundamental right to health enshrined in the WHO constitution,” said Lou.

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