The Foreign Affairs Desk of Monocle Radio based in London held a radio talk show titled “Explainer: What are Somaliland and Somalia discussing in Djibouti?”

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Andrew Mueller the host of the talk said “Somaliland agenda here it isn’t difficult to discern. Somaliland wants Somalia and everyone else to recognize its sovereignty… “…For five days interregnum was briefly an independent state” Mr. Andrew ran in-depth analysis and commentary about how Somalia is created in the first place “ the merger of British and Italian Somaliland(s)”.

“There is no way the nation being breaking away from, to look good, the very fact the breakaway region causes the rest of the world wonder why it is so dreadful about the given country anyone wants to break away from it.”  “….and it is doesn’t matter if it is an internal politics, it presents a choice between managing breaking up and going to war to stop it. “… not everyone who is at grief is right” he added when Somaliland is concerned, it is difficult to begrudge its decision back in 1991 to secede from Somalia and set up its own shop.”

He said while Somalia has and continue to be dysfunctional and dangerous, Somaliland managed a peaceful of power and held presidential elections.

Listen below the full programm – Explainer: What are Somalia and Somaliland Discussing in Djibouti?

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