Getting to know the cornetto (the instrument, not the ice cream), PNG singer-songwriter Danielle, and Matt Davis from Foreign Correspondent shares their chat with singer, activist, and ex-battlefield nurse Sahra Halgan in Hargeisa.

We’re getting to know the cornetto with Matthew Manchester. Not the cornetto you might find at the bottom of the freezer in your local corner store, but the hybrid woodwind/brass instrument from the 16th and 17th century.

Matthew drops by The Music Show studio with his unique instrument to show us how it’s played and talk about its fascinating history as one of the few baroque instruments that never really evolved and almost went extinct.

An Extinct Instrument, Pacific Break Winner Danielle, And Renewal Through Music In Somaliland
PNG singer-songwriter Danielle performing at WOMADelaide, part of the prize for winning the ABC’s Pacific Break competition.(Supplied: Colin Uren / WOMAD)

Foreign Correspondent and long-time Music Show friend Matt Davis shares a chat he had with singer, activist, and ex-battlefield nurse Sahra Halgan in Hargeisa on his last assignment. They speak about the history of music and culture in Somaliland, and follow Sahra’s story through the history of upheaval in the Somali region of Africa, and how this has all led towards her setting up a live house for the next generation of musicians in Somaliland to come together, rebuild, and play music.

And Radio Australia’s Pacific Break competition winner Danielle caught up with Robbie the morning after her set at WOMADelaide. She speaks about her winning song, Fight, exploring politics in PNG through her songwriting, and takes us through the organic way her lyrics and music fuse together to create her unique music.

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You can find the new episode of Foreign Correspondent on Somalia on ABC iView or on the ABC News Website.

Sahra Halgan’s Mission to Revive Music and Art in Somaliland

Music at the beginning of the show:

Title: Naftaydaay Raali Noqo
Artist: Sahra Halgan Trio
Composer: Sahra Halgan
Album: Faransiskiyo Somaliland
Label: Maraka Productions/Athos Production/Universal Music France/Buda Records

Music in the interview with Danielle:

Title: Fight (live)
Artist: Danielle
Composer: Danielle Morgan

Title: Sanguma (live)
Artist: Danielle
Composer: Danielle Morgan

Both tracks performed live at WOMAD 2023

Music in the interview with Matt Davis:

Title: Talo
Artist: Sahra Halgan Trio
Composer: Sahra Halgan
Album: Waa Dardaaran
Label: Buda Musique

Music at the end of the show:

Title: Piano Sonatina: Allegro molto
Artist: Bengt Forsberg
Composer: Doreen Carwithen
Album: Neglected Works for Piano
Label: dB Productions

The Music Show was produced on Gadigal Land.
Technical production by Russell Stapleton on Gadigal Land. 

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