Lithuanian Minister of Economy and Innovation says the representative office in Taiwan will likely open doors in the first half of the year

Lithuania’s representative office in Taiwan is ready to be opened once Taiwan completes relevant procedures, Lithuanian Minister of Economy and Innovation Ausrine Armonaite said recently.

Lithuania is excited about its friendship with Taiwan, and the most important thing now is to create concrete results, Armonaite said. She mentioned that Lithuania and Taiwan share many basic values, including democracy, human rights, and a market economy, CNA reported.


These values help ensure bilateral trade and economic cooperation, Armonaite said, adding that the security, stability, and resilience of the bilateral relationship creates favorable conditions for cooperation.

Lithuania Ready To Open Representative Office In Taiwan
Lithuanian Minister of Economy and Innovation Ausrine Armonaite (LRT photo)

Armonaite mentioned that she is often asked when Taiwan will begin making investments in Lithuania. However, she said she understands that the Baltic nation must do a good job in making the proper preparations for everything to go smoothly.

The economic minister said she is very happy that cooperation with Taiwan is about to enter a new stage, and Lithuanians in Taiwan have also expressed their excitement. She said Lithuania’s Taiwan representative office will likely open in the first half of the year.

Armonaite said that as an official and decision-maker, her responsibility is to create a favorable environment for companies and help open up new markets and opportunities, which is why Lithuania has strengthened its presence not only in Taiwan, but also in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries, per CNA. “I have high expectations for cooperation with Taiwan,” she said.

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