This report “Political Settlement In Somaliland: A Gendered Perspective Research” is a compilation of conducted fieldwork in the towns of Erigavo and Borama. Impressions and summaries of the fieldwork are contributed by Hargeisa-based research members Haroon Ahmed Yusuf, Aamina Milgo Warsame, and Kinzi Kowden.

Before commencing fieldwork the team divided themselves into 2 groups. The first group was Haroon and Omer Qalonbi. They visited Erigavo from the 7th to the 11th of September. The second group consisted of team members Suad, Aamina, and Kinzi; they visited Borama from the 7th to the 9th of September.

Preparation for interviews and focus group discussions:

The research team negotiated and agreed with a local NGO called Sanaag Community Solidarity Organization (SCDO) to help facilitate the identification of the participants. The team provided SCDO with the details of the type of participants required for each activity and asked them to help identify and invite them.


The research team met with most of the participants before the meetings to make sure that they fitted the required profiles.

Overview of the visit by Haroon Yusuf:

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It was the beginning of the’ Dyr’, the short rainy season, and most of the region was still dry, although some locations in the southern plains i.e. ‘Ban Cade’ and the close environs of Erigavo town did receive some spells of rain, which has prompted the congregation of the pastoral nomads and their stocks in these relatively wet areas.

The construction of the Tarmac road from Burco to Erigavo has made some progress, particularly between Ina-Afmadoobe and Waridaad in the western part and Erigavo and El Afwayne towns in the eastern part. Our team traveled through the eastern part and our impression was that the road is making much difference. Both in shortening and smoothening the travel time while also contributing to more economic activities in the region.

However, the Sanaag region still remains the most isolated and least developed region in Somaliland. It is also a border region, which makes it more vulnerable to instability and unpredictability.

The climate in Borama was welcoming and the atmosphere was enjoyable. The local facilitator was also very helpful in identifying and contacting respondents for the interviews.


The first rounds of individual and focus group discussions are in the process of being conducted. The Hargeisa-based research team went to the cities of Erigavo and Borama in Somaliland to ask a set of specific questions.

To read more First progress report (pdf)

At the beginning of August, the research team invited local stakeholders to participate in the first of two key stakeholder workshops in Hargeisa.  

To read more Workshop notes (pdf)


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