Sweden Democrats (SD) are the only party in the Swedish parliament who wants Sweden to recognize Somaliland. 

“A good example of what can be achieved when resolving conflicts with dialogue rather than violence,” writes Markus Wiechel (SD) in his reply, to News Today, on the question why Sweden should recognize Somaliland.


The international community, unrecognized state Somaliland has recently held its third presidential election, becoming its sixth choice since its self-denial independence from Somalia in 1991.

News Today, visited the Somali capital Hargeisa to guard the presidential election, whose implementation was famed by the international election observers in place.

News Today, 19 days ago, sent out an email quiz to all Swedish parliament parties regarding the view as to whether Sweden should recognize Somaliland or not.

The questionnaire consisted of two questions.

  1. Is your party for Sweden to recognize Somaliland?
  2. Why, why not?

So far, only two parties have answered. It is the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Democrats.

“The situation in Somalia is very angry and the country is hard hit by conflicts. Nevertheless, developments in Somaliland have been in the opposite direction, towards peace and stability. Somaliland has not been recognized as an independent state of any country or by the UN and the issue is sensitive in Somalia. The Christian Democrats believe that recognition of Somaliland should be done in cooperation with the member states of the European Union when the conflict has approached a solution, “the Christian Democrats respond to News Idah’s missile message.

The Swedish Democrats Markus Wiechel is of a different opinion.

Is your party for Sweden to recognize Somaliland?

“Yes,” answers Wiechel.

Why, Why not?

“Somaliland meets all the requirements the government has for recognition as an independent country. They have control over their territory and serve as a major example in their part of the world with democratic elections, well-functioning institutions and relatively much peace and stability. A recognition would also serve as a good example of what can be achieved when resolving conflicts with dialogue rather than violence and they also have a story that differs from the rest of what we today call Somalia.

I personally pushed these issues quite hard by mentioning their independence in the latest foreign policy debate, but also through written questions to the government and through a debate article. This summer, there was also an interpellation debate on the subject. Therefore, if it is of interest, follow this to see our position on the question. Even in the European Parliament, we have driven this. “

News Today, still looking for answers from other parliamentary parties. 

Markus Allard

Original Swedish language story titled “SD ensamma i riksdagen om att vilja erkänna Somaliland” by Markus Allard and we translated using google translator


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