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By African Arguments
The most pernicious sea in Africa’s history may well be the Red Sea. This thin line of water has been deemed to be more relevant for defining where Africa ends than all the evidence of geology, geography, history and culture.” – Ali Mazrui
The Red Sea zone has long been neglected by governments, policymakers and analysts. Half of it has been seen as part of the Middle East, the other half as part of Africa, with few trying to bridge the divide. Yet, increasingly, the relations across this narrow strip of water are shaping politics, economics, social connections and much more on both sides.
This African Arguments series, The Thin Red Line, seeks to examine the various fast-changing dynamics spanning the Red Sea. Written by leading journalists, academics and researchers of the region, the articles will examine developments from a variety of angles. It will cover domestic and international politics, economics, migration, security and the responses to new challenges and opportunities.
The series is supported by the office of the EU Special Representative for the Horn of Africa.

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