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Secrets Of Somaliland And What It Has To Offer To The...

Head of Somaliland Mission Bashir Goth, who will discuss the secrets of Somaliland and what it has to offer to the world

It’s Time For The United States To Recognize Somaliland’s Independence

Despite meeting the international criteria for statehood, Somaliland remains unrecognized. It is time the United States changes that and recognize Somaliland’s Independence



Fixing The Price: The Politics Of The Khat Trade Between Ethiopia...

As part of a wider attempt to increase export revenues amidst weak economic performance, Ethiopian authorities doubled the price of khat for exports to Somaliland and Djibouti in April 2022.

ESLSE’s Jigjiga Vessel Marks New Record In Containerized Cargo

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) vessel sets a new record on containerized cargo shipment to Berbera Port.


A Year In The Horn Of Africa

A Year in the Horn on the latest developments in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti over the past year which contextualize 2022


Kenya Supreme Court Upholds Ruto’s Presidential Victory

In a sweeping rejection of claims that the Aug. 9 vote had been rigged, the Supreme Court confirmed Vice President William Ruto as the country’s fifth president.



Somalia To Open Embassy In Rabat, Consulate In Dakhla

Somalia announced Friday in New York its decision to open an embassy in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco and a consulate general in Dakhla.

Africa Brief: Can Blinken Bring Peace In Eastern Congo?

Foreign Policy’s Africa Brief: From Algeria to Zimbabwe and countries in between, a weekly roundup of essential news and analysis from Africa


Israeli, Emirati Leaders Meet Sisi In Egypt

Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a 3-way summit in Egypt with the Egyptian and Emirati leaders against the background of the Iran nuclear talks, Israeli media said.

Some Tiny Islands Near Yemen Could Have A Big Role In...

The Yemeni islands of Mayun and the Socotra Archipelago have central locations in some of the world's most important waterways.


Liz Truss Quits As UK Prime Minister After 6 Weeks In...

Liz Truss quit on Thursday after the shortest, most chaotic tenure of any British prime minister, forced out after her economic program shattered

Police Apologize For Wrongful Conviction Of Somaliland-Born Man Executed 70 Years...

Mahmood Mattan, a British Somalilander, was hanged in 1952 after he was found guilty of murder in Cardiff, but his family has been given a police apology for the “terrible suffering”


Hadraawi: The Poet On The Lips Of Every Somali

The Somali people are known as "a nation of poets" and there is no greater poet of modern times than Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame “The Poet on the Lips of Every Somali”,

Pandora Papers: Biggest Ever Leak Of Offshore Data Exposes Financial Secrets...

Pandora papers: Millions of documents reveal offshore deals and assets of more than 100 billionaires, 30 world leaders and 300 public officials


Ilhan Omar Survives Challenge From Pro-Police Democrat In Minnesota

Ilhan Omar pulled off a Democratic primary win Tuesday for Minnesota's 5th District following a close contest from a centrist Democrat

Blinken’s Speech On The Biden Administration’s Strategy For Sub-Saharan Africa

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken's speech on the Biden Administration’s strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa in Pretoria, South Africa
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