Hill Harper was offered $20 million in campaign donations to run against Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib last month, the US Democratic progressive has confirmed. 

Harper, who is currently running for US Senate in Michigan, took to social media on Wednesday, saying he “won’t be bossed, bullied, or bought” to run against the only Palestinian-American in Congress for a “special interests” group.

“I’m not just running for the title. I’m not going to run against the only Palestinian-American in Congress just because some special interests don’t like her,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter.


“I’m running because I want to break the stranglehold wealthy special interests have on our politics, whether it’s the Israel lobby, the NRA or Big Pharma.”

He described the donor, Linden Nelson, as one of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) biggest supporters, something the Israel lobby group denied.

AIPAC said he hadn’t donated to the organization in more than 10 years, but later admitted he was a regular attendee to their events.

Democrat Hill Harper Was Offered $20 Million To Run Against Rashida Tlaib
AIPAC has been ramping up efforts to help oust Democrats who have been critical of Israel [Getty]

Regardless of the donor’s affiliation, it is clear that Tlaib will face a tough 2024 race particularly given her outspoken support for Palestinians in Israel’s war in Gaza.

AIPAC, through its political action committees (PACs), has been ramping up efforts to help oust progressive members of Congress.

Earlier this month, it was reported that AIPAC is expected to spend over $100 million in Democratic primaries, largely in efforts to help defeat progressives who have been critical of Israel’s war in Gaza.

Following Harper’s confirmation of the donor offer, Tlaib has seen an outpouring of support, while members of Congress and the public have thanked the senate candidate’s refusing to run against her.