Haramaya University to launch postgraduate programs in two universities found in Somaliland.

On September 07, 2021, Haramaya University (HrU) held a discussion on Partnership with Amoud University and Horn International University of Somaliland.

The Possible areas of partnership include postgraduate programs in the field of Human Health, Agriculture, and Business Administration.


President of HrU, Dr. Jemal Yousuf, and other officials warmly welcomed the delegates, led by the Presidents from the two universities. Besides the academic teaching programs, potential collaboration on joint research and student exchange was also discussed.

It was also stressed that the collaboration will go further step towards creating education diplomacy between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Haramaya University To Launch Postgraduate Programs In Somaliland
Head of the Haramaya University (HrU) held a discussion on Partnership with visiting Amoud University and Horn International University of Somaliland.

Public and International Relations Directorate Director at the university, Alemshet Teshome said that the institution is working to increase the number of postgraduate programs to 200 during the coming ten years based on the demand in the market.

Saying that the institution is working in partnership with various international higher education institutions, Alemshet noted that preparations are being carried out by the university to integrate Easter African countries with knowledge and research fields.

Haramaya University To Launch Postgraduate Programs In Somaliland
The Somaliland delegates took part in the Green Legacy Campaign and planted seedlings on Haramaya University Main campus.

Haramaya University is finalizing preparations to forge partnerships with universities in Somaliland and Djibouti in the education diplomacy sector.

About Haramaya University (HrU)

Haramaya University (HrU)Haramaya University (HrU) is a public research university in Haramaya, Oromia, Ethiopia. It is approximately 510 kilometers east of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education admits qualified students to Haramaya University based on their score on the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE).

Haramaya University is one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Ethiopia which has gone through more than six decades of gigantic transformations since its establishment as an Imperial Ethiopian College of Agricultural and Mechanical of Arts (IECAMA) in the early 1950s.

The present Haramaya University can be traced back to the agreement made in 1952 between the governments of Ethiopia and the United States of America which resulted in the establishment of the Imperial College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. Oklahoma State University in the USA embarked on establishing physical plants and staff to run the college’s academic, research and extension programs. The four-year B.Sc in Agriculture was started at Haramaya campus in 1954 with both limited staff and facilities available. The College became a chartered member of Addis Ababa University following the contractual termination of Oklahoma State University in 1967. Consequently, it was re-named the Alemaya College of Agriculture in 1989.

In the last few years, the University has witnessed tremendous expansion in the number of faculties, departments, students, staff, and physical infrastructure. Apart from undergraduate programs, the university has widely been engaged in the expansion and diversification of graduate programs at the Masters and Ph.D. levels.

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