Pan Africanist and orator Professor PLO Lumumba has visited Somaliland on Saturday for the commissioning of Unity University.

Somaliland has graciously received a staunch Pan Africanist and powerful speaker, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, who will be delivering a speech at the flag-off of the new Unity University in Hargeisa, the country’s capital.

Upon arrival at the Egal international airport, the eloquent professor granted reporters an interview reeling out the purpose of his visit to the Horn of Africa.


Professor PLO Lumumba said he will be delighted to see the projects put in place in the new unity university and to speak on other relevant matters on education in Africa.

Pan Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba Visits Somaliland
Professor PLO Lumumba speaks to local media at Hargeisa, Somaliland

Responding to questions, Lumumba said Africa needs to unite at this critical moment and it must be regenerated to read from the same script.

“One of the most important things going forward is that the African continent must read from the same script that is our strengths. And in my view, that is the agenda that all of us who of goodwill should engage in for the benefit of this generation and generations yet to be born” said, Professor PLO Lumumba.

He added its high time African leaders learned to reflect on the African agenda citing the political turmoil, altercations, and coup d’etat ravaging most African countries.

Pan Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba Visits Somaliland
The director-general of the Somaliland ministry of education Ahmad Abokor Muhammad received the visiting Professor PLO Lumumba

“I think that the next five years five to ten years are going to be very difficult for the continent of Africa. You’ve seen as you’ve rightly said what is happening in not only in Ethiopia, you’ve seen the recent coup d’etat in Guinea Conakry, in Chad, in Mali in southern Cameroon, in southern Sudan, in Sudan, in northern Mozambique” said Professor PLO Lumumba.

He added “All these are the pangs of a bath and I believe that in order to solve these problems there must be a concerted effort on the part of African politicians and African peoples to solve their problems. Remember that there are people who love it when Africans are in conflict. Remember that conflict is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Remember that hunger is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the sooner we realize it the safer we are and that is why I keep on saying that unity is the only solution to the African problem.”

Pan Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba Visits Somaliland

Pan Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba Visits Somaliland
Professor PLO Lumumba met Somaliland’s Minister of Water Development |Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehan)

Lumumba said the young generation needs to be given space in the leadership landscape lest they become dissidents.

Professor PLO Lumumba and the team of the Unity University paid courtesy visits to Somaliland ministries of water, education, and defense where they were given a warm reception.

The director-general of the ministry of education Ahmad Abokor Muhammad said his visit aligns the educational agenda of the present administration adding that Somaliland appreciates his contribution to developing leadership and education in Africa.

Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, a one-time Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and Director of The Kenya School of Law will also attend many other programs organized by Hargeisa University as well as youth associations’ events.

Watch below “When we will see Made-in-Africa” the full speech by Prof PLO Lumumba at the Unity University opening ceremony in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

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