Kenya: Isahakia Community Finally to be Resettled

Members of the Isahakia community hold their prayers in Naivasha during a thanks-giving ceremony after the government agreed to resettle them after over 100 years./GEORGE MURAGE

The Kenyan government has at last resettled the Isahakia community in Naivasha after waiting for almost two centuries.

They have been allocated 5,000 acres in the first phase of resettlement.


The Isahakia arrived from Somaliland in the entourage of Lord Delamere as porters and have lived as squatters since.

The community met in Naivasha to celebrate the good news. Community chairman Ali Faarah said they had

received all the land documents from the government.

“We were the first community in Naivasha. We have undergone untold suffering while seeking justice. We thank

God that we have finally received our land,” he said.

Former Nakuru mayor Mohammed Suraw called it one of the greatest days for the community. He said they are

looking forward to the subdivision, so everyone can settle.

“We thank God and the government for finally hearing the prayers of Isahakia who for years have waited for the elusive justice which they have finally received,” Grace Lenolkirna said.

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