This is what Somaliland asks from the international community. We have waited for more than three years for macro-economic assistance from the wealthy countries of the world. Their resources have understandably been drawn towards the urgent relief of the starving in the inter-riverine areas of Somalia, and have only recently been freed from this endeavor to tackle the problems of rehabilitation, reconstruction, and, hopefully, macro-development.

Whilst micro-rehabilitation has been the focus of international and local NGOs, together with some valuable inputs from UN agencies, no major reconstruction or macro-development projects have yet been initiated by donor countries. This phase of development is sorely needed in Somaliland, which can offer the all-important security for such development.

The World Bank, like the IMF, claims that it can do nothing for us until the Republic of Somaliland is internationally recognized. This is another reason to press for international recognition of our independent status. The people had the right to restore the sovereignty of the former State of Somaliland on 18 May 1991 and to declare independence as the Republic of Somaliland.


The experimental merger between the State of Somaliland and the UN Trust Territory of Somalia in 1960, for which an Act of Union was never signed, led to almost total destruction. Not only of property but also of the psyche of the people of Somaliland. The restoration of sovereignty was the decision of the people of Somaliland. The will of the people is non-negotiable; our independence is irrevocable. A referendum will take place when funds are available, for which the international community will be welcome to witness the fair play.

From Statements of Uppsala Forum

M.A.Mohamed Salih & Lennert Wohlgemuth (eds.)

August 1994, pp. 83-86.

Scandinavian Institute of African Studies

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