ALS Worldwide Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Somaliland as it expands its transportation services out of Berbera.

The recently signed MoU will enable the company to establish a government-approved training center in the country for drivers and machine operators. It will also allow ALS Worldwide to set transport rates for Ethiopia and East Africa and put in place a tracking system for all freight to provide clear data on the cargo’s destination.

Dale Calkeld, managing director at ALS, said that this “will ensure that hauliers receive the appropriate rates.”

ALS Worldwide Group Signs MoU With Somaliland
Picture caption: From left to right: Mohamoud Hassan Saad, minister of trade and tourism, and Sadik Jama, country manager for ALS Worldwide.

“This will be a significant step forward for our organization in terms of providing better transportation services and improving our overall operational efficiency,” he added.

During August 2023, ALS Worldwide Group expanded its operations to Berbera, where it will have access to DP World’s port facilities and road infrastructure that connects with Ethiopia. At that time, the company received its business and transport license in Somaliland, in addition to its existing licenses in Ethiopia. ALS Worldwide hopes to capitalize on the new Wajaale corridor that connects to Addis Ababa.

The expansion of DP World’s port of Berbera – a multipurpose gateway that comprises bulk and breakbulk handling facilities – is expected to facilitate trade equivalent to approximately 27 percent of Somaliland’s GDP.

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