In a recent BBC Somali interview, Dr. Essa Kayd, Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, discussed the progress of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland. The discussions have evoked optimism and skepticism, with Dr. Kayd highlighting the potential benefits of the MoU and dismissing external criticisms. Let’s explore the key factors crucial for envisioning a successful implementation of this significant agreement.

The MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland marks a pivotal moment in their bilateral relations. Dr. Kayd’s affirmation of the agreement’s positive nature suggests mutual advantages for both parties. Despite external concerns, the focus remains on the smooth implementation of the MoU and the promising outcomes it could bring to the region.

“The finalization of the MoU is a positive stride, and concerns about repercussions are likely unwarranted. The MoU is set to benefit both parties and appears poised for smooth implementation by Ethiopia and Somaliland,” stated Dr. Essa Kayd in a recent BBC Somali interview.


Somaliland And Ethiopia Set To Finalize A Groundbreaking Agreement In Approximately 2 MonthsIn response to the Third Session of the Arab Economic and Cooperation Forum in Doha, Qatar, Dr. Kayd’s stance underscores Somaliland’s autonomy and right to self-determination. We view the Doha statement as akin to previous attempts by Somalia to exert pressure on other nations,” Dr. Essa Kayd remarked.

By disregarding external pressures and underscoring Somalia’s internal challenges, Somaliland asserts its independence and the imperative for global recognition.

Somalia should address its internal matters before pointing fingers. Somaliland merits a voice in the global community. We have a strong case for recognition, and it’s time for our voice to resonate,” as per the Ministry’s statement in the interview.

From Agreement To Action, Envisioning The Smooth Implementation Of The Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU
Dr. Essa Kayd, Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ affirmation of Somaliland’s right to a global voice underscores a persistent quest for recognition. With a populace of 6.2 million, Somaliland presents a compelling argument for its sovereignty, calling for its voice to be acknowledged amidst regional and geopolitical intricacies.

“Somaliland will persist on its chosen trajectory, shaping the fate of our 6.2 million citizens,” quoted Dr. Kayd, as per the Ministry.

As the Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU progresses, the narrative of Somaliland’s diplomatic journey unfolds. Dr. Kayd’s unwavering dedication to advancing Somaliland’s interests globally portrays a nation ready to forge its path despite external pressures. The plea for recognition mirrors a spirit of resilience and determination as Somaliland navigates international relations with steadfast resolve.