On the occasion of the international women’s day 2017, the delegation of the European Union in Djibouti continues to present to you the portrait of Djibouti Women, throughout the week.

Bride and mother of two daughters, Master Amina Ahmed formed in law at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, in France, where she has earned a masters in 2006. She decides to go back to Djibouti in the same year to start her career Professional as a lawyer at the Ministry of Justice with the department of Judicial Affairs.

In 2008, she becomes magistrate. She presides over different rooms of the court of first instance. Subsequently, she becomes investigative judge for four years.


“After 10 years to the bench, I was dreaming of new challenges and at the same time I didn’t want to leave the judicial family, this is the way that I came back to my first dream of law student, to become a lawyer.

I must say, the fact of having been magistrate has allowed me to explore the law in all its specialties and know perfectly the judicial procedures.

This is the way, thanks to the support of my family and my friends, I took my courage in both hands and asked for the approval for the exercise of the profession of lawyer.

In February 2016, I got my approval for the exercise of the profession of lawyer and it’s already been a year, that I got into this business.

By opening my practice, I have come to realize my dream and contribute by the same opportunity to the economy of the country in hiring young graduates.

Djibouti, the woman can easily combine family life and career. As a woman, can we have ambitions and lead them to the end by building in parallel a family life. It’s fulfilling and rewarding.

Attitudes in our society continue to evolve, I still remember being told a story at the very beginning of my career of magistrate, women were not yet very numerous in court. One morning, I received a visit from a gentleman of a certain age who was looking for a colleague magistrate with whom I shared the office. This gentleman asked me about the agenda of my colleague. In realizing that I couldn’t inform him, he reproached me énerva and my lack of professionalism as a “Secretary”. When he found out that I was also magistrate, he was apologetic in declaring that to Its time women they crossed in the administration were mostly secretary, and he was proud and happy today to see the evolution of the Djiboutian woman who take care of very high positions of responsibility.

The changes of mentality therefore continue in our country, and I’m happy to be able to contribute to my level.

I would like to pay tribute to the mother of the nation, the first lady of our country, who never ceases to work and fight for the cause of the Djiboutian woman on all levels and all levels of our society. “

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