Somali Special Presidential Envoy for Somaliland Talks Abdikarim Hussein Guled met with Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh on Sunday to discuss the upcoming round of talks between the Federal Republic of Somalia and Somaliland.

Guled’s trip to Djibouti is part of a regional tour to garner political support for the talks.

“I have made it my moral duty to start my tour of the region here in Djibouti,” Guled said after the meeting. “This is because of the substantial support that the Republic of Djibouti, under the enlightened leadership of President Guelleh, constantly brings to the peace and stability of the peoples of this part of the world.”


Somalia’s Envoy For Somaliland Talks Meets With Djibouti PresidentSomalia’s Envoy For Somaliland Talks Meets With Djibouti PresidentGuled said he and Guelleh discussed the general state of play and the practical modalities to be favored in the talks.

“The relevance of the ideas and advice received from the President of Djibouti is commensurate with the significant expertise he possesses in the conduct of peace, consensus, and reconciliation missions,” Guled said.

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