Somaliland Diasporas in the United Kingdom and the United States have decided to join the fight against the novel coronavirus and raise funds for Somaliland healthcare systems.

The Somaliland InterHealth, a UK based group, and a US-based the Somaliland American Health Association (SAHA) launched a different online fundraising campaign for collecting money to help equip Somaliland’s healthcare for combating Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The Somaliland hospitals and healthcare systems are in desperate need of respiratory ventilators, oxygen generators, personal protective equipment, disinfectants, gloves, gowns, masks, and consumables/

Somaliland InterHealth’s appeal has been endorsed by the Somaliland Ministry of Health and the Somaliland Diaspora Agency. The Somaliland InterHealth is a UK based group of young health care professionals (nurses, pharmacists, doctors, researchers, therapists, etc.) originally from Somaliland.

“We have seen first-hand what COVID-19 has done to one of the richest healthcare systems in the world and fear for a country like Somaliland with almost no medical resources to deal with a pandemic. All money collected by Somaliland InterHealth will be donated towards medical equipment and or training and coordinated with registered charities and local government to ensure our people have the best chances at tackling COVID-19” The Somaliland InterHealth said.

Donations can be made here

The Somaliland American Health Association (SAHA), a US-based group of doctors, nurses, dentists, and Allied Health Professionals originally from Somaliland also joined the fight against coronavirus.

SAHA has launched an emergency fundraising campaign for the support of Somaliland’s hospitals and healthcare systems with a focus on the desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the frontline doctors, nurses, health professionals, and other public officials fighting this deadly disease.

“While these doctors, nurses, dentists, and Allied Health Professionals are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in North America, they are also committed to providing technical expertise and logistical support to the local health professionals and communities at home,” SAHA’s fundraiser said.

Adding “Most of our hospitals have no functioning intensive care units [ICUs] except for the Hargeisa referral hospital, which can serve a limited number of patients.” The success of this organization is undoubtedly attributed to the participation, collaboration, and creativity of our members and community partners – your innovative ideas and monetary contributions are welcomed to supply the desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the frontline doctors, nurses, health professionals, and other public officials fighting this deadly disease.”

Donations can be made here

Meanwhile, the Sheffield based ISRAAC Charity has launched a similar online fundraising campaign for the local healthcare system.

“Somaliland has a fledgling healthcare system; it does not have the knowledge, experience or basic essential items to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without urgent assistance and supplies there will be dire public health and humanitarian consequences for its four million inhabitants and the entire region of the Horn of Africa,” said Diana Roffey, the ISRAAC Charity fundraiser, adding “Overall the situation and crisis have become unpredictable and pressing. Somaliland hosts a large refugee population of, Yemenis, Ethiopians, and Somalis.  Many within these communities will die in a country without working ventilators, life-saving equipment, resources and the expertise to ensure that the staff in hospitals can SAVE LIVES.”

Donations can be made here

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