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Somaliland – On The Way To Independence

Somaliland joined Somalia in 1960 and has regretted the move ever since.

The politically correct media deliberately ignored the fact that in the past few weeks’ things have been moving for the De Facto Republic of Somaliland on the east coast of Africa with its strategically most important location on the Gulf of Aden.

Restore independence

Somaliland had been under British rule since the 19th century but was released into independence in 1960. After a few days, they joined Somalia, once under Italian rule, with its capital, Mogadishu. The people of Somaliland soon regretted this step, which was probably not well considered.

Resistance against the center of power in Mogadishu developed. After several attempts, which were sometimes thrown down bloodythe former independence was restored in 1991 of Somaliland.

De facto state

Somaliland has long developed into a functioning state with its own military and police, civil administration including central government and a bicameral parliament. Also, a national currency, called the shilling, was also created.

A major flaw is a fact that the international community has so far refused official recognition of the Republic of Somaliland, despite diplomatic cooperation with various states, the European Union and the United Nations. The willingness and efficiency of Somaliland’s security forces to fight pirates and the like have long been recognized by various parties.

On the other hand, the Arab League and the African Union obviously fear a domino effect should Somaliland gain official recognition on the world stage. If Somaliland were granted this, independence or official recognition of other areas would be all the more difficult to deny.

Surprising request for forgiveness

Obviously, there is now a movement in the matter of Somaliland recognition. A few days ago, the President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo, for the first time asked the people of Somaliland to forgive them for the atrocities that had been done to their people in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Again and again, there are reports of contacts at official level with representatives of Somaliland and the interest of various countries in improved cooperation, and the possibility of establishing one or the other base on the strategically located territory of Somaliland.

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