In a significant development, 15 Cross-Party UK MPs have drafted a motion urging the UK government to engage with Somaliland with the goal of granting it official recognition.

Speaking on behalf of the UK cross-party MPs advocating for Somaliland’s recognition, MP Tim Loughton highlighted Somaliland’s status as a bastion of peace and democracy in a region plagued by crises, emphasizing the nation’s deserving aspirations.

Given the historical ties between Britain and Somaliland, MP Tim Loughton emphasized the UK’s pivotal role in this initiative, stressing the importance of having a stable ally in the volatile region for the UK, US, and EU.


Pointing to a recent memorandum of understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which includes the leasing of a military base, MP Tim Loughton noted that Ethiopia’s recognition of Somaliland is a significant development.

He underscored Somaliland’s strategic importance in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, particularly in light of tensions in the region with the Houthis targeting commercial vessels.

15 Cross-Party UK MPs Set To Propose A Motion Urging British Government To Recognize Somaliland
Conservative MP Tim Loughton

As the former colonial power in the region, the UK holds a special responsibility towards Somaliland. The group of 15 MPs representing all major British political parties is calling on the UK government to actively support Somaliland’s quest for recognition.

MP Tim Loughton emphasized the need for Britain and its allies to engage with Somaliland and grant it full official recognition.

“Britain and our allies, including the United States, should seriously approach Somaliland and give it full and official recognition,” said Mr. Loughton

He also highlighted the potential economic benefits for African nations arising from the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

MP Tim Loughton pointed out the strong interest among the Somaliland diaspora in England for their homeland to be recognized. Notably, he was among the UK Parliament members who recently visited Somaliland.

In conclusion, the motion set to be tabled by the 15 Cross-Party UK MPs signals a growing momentum towards recognizing Somaliland as an independent state. With its stable governance and strategic importance, Somaliland has much to offer as a partner in the region. As discussions around recognition continue, it is crucial for the UK government to heed the call and engage with Somaliland in a meaningful way. The recognition of Somaliland would not only be a step towards acknowledging its aspirations but also a move towards promoting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.