Somaliland – interesting facts

Somaliland was an internationally recognized country for 5 days. Despite the declaration of independence announced by local authorities in 1991, The Republic of Somaliland is not an internationally recognized country. It is a self-proclaimed republic that has been trying to recognize it ever since.


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Somalilanders are officially Somali citizens and therefore must obtain a passport from the central government to travel internationally. But Somaliland has its own passports, which are recognized by eight countries, namely South Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Belgium, France, South Sudan, UK, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Despite the lack of official recognition from any country, Somaliland is one of the most stable and democratic parts of Africa.

Mobile payments are ubiquitous and help bridge the gap between urban and rural areas. In Somaliland, mobile payments are so important that it is estimated that they account for half of the transactions and are made in US dollars. Even Bill Gates admires Somaliland as a leader in this field.

Somaliland became an independent country in 1991 and has been celebrating its independence for over 25 years.

This country is bigger than you think – it is the size of Great Britain without Scotland.

Somaliland will be the first country to be the first to use the Iris biometric scanning system for voting in elections. This is the most advanced voting system in the world.

Malcolm X referred to Somaliland in one of his famous speeches from the 1960s.

The country does not have direct access to humanitarian aid due to its unrecognized status. The little help he receives goes through non-governmental organizations operating in the country.

The rate of HIV infection is lower than in most Western countries and belongs to the lowest in the world.

Somaliland has one of the cheapest rates for mobile calls around the world.

About four million people live in Somaliland and over one million live abroad.

Denmark was the first western country to open an embassy in Somaliland in 2012.

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Runner and world champion Mohamed Farah (@MoFarah) is the most famous Somali in the world. He has a twin brother and his mother still lives in his hometown Gabiley in Somaliland.

The government had an annual budget of only $ 295 million in 2016. Most infrastructure projects are paid by the Somali community through subsidies.

This article was originally written in Polish and we translated into English using Google Translate

interesting facts interesting facts

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