The conflict that began in Jigjiga town of the Ethio-Somali Regional State in eastern Ethiopia today, August 4, 2018, has spread to other towns of the region, The Reporter has learnt.

According to sources in the area, widespread attacks have been reported, especially targeting people that came from other regions. Sources also added that many are hiding in their homes and have retreated to churches for safety.


A statement issued by the National Defense Force this evening condemned the “unacceptable” conflict in Jigjiga town and the vicinity and called for its immediate termination.

“Although the National Defense Force has been following the developments closely along with other security bodies and strived to control the situation, it could not be controlled as soon as it was desired,

Jigjiga town Violence“Hence, as the situation has grown to undermine the peace and security of the people, the National Defense notifies that it will take the necessary measures according to the constitution and it will not silently watch as violence and riot rages on,” indicated the statement.

Sources also said that a bank, a church, businesses, and residences were set on fire because of the conflict. The conflict came on the day the regional government was planning to kick start a three days peace conference.

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