The government of Liberland have congratulated Somaliland and Taiwan on opening representative offices in each other’s country

“Three… Two… One!” Somaliland Representative to Taiwan Mohamed Hagi and Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu uncovered the plaque for the representative office of Somaliland in Taiwan, AP footage shows.


This September 9th move marked the completion of the representative office exchange between the two countries with the Taiwan office in Somaliland officially opened on August 17th.

Thomas Walls, Liberland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, told Liberland Press, “Liberland congratulates Somaliland and Taiwan on opening representative offices in each other’s country. It’s very encouraging for Liberland to see our friends in both countries strengthen their bilateral relations. Both nations are committed to peace and prosperity, and by extending mutual diplomatic and commercial ties, they are exercising their sovereignty in practice. Liberland enjoys a very cordial relationship with Somaliland and we look forward to having the same with Taiwan.”

Hagi described the common ground between his own country and the host nation at the office opening ceremony in Taiwan, saying, “Our two countries are members of the same community of democracies, bounded by our shared political and economic freedoms, as well as international values. Somaliland and Taiwan’s relationship will remain intact.”

Wu echoed Hagi’s friendly sentiment saying, “Taiwan and Somaliland share the commitment to safeguarding the values of freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law. We both face external pressures, but are both proud of our sovereignty and stand ready to defend it.”

Hagi tweeted that since the opening of the office in Taiwan, “The House of Representative[s] of the Republic of Somaliland has officially supported a Resolution of Taiwan Relations Act (TRA).”

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