One of the biggest sources of terrorism in a number of countries in Africa is Qatar, which is supposed to be an ally of the United States. However, despite saying that it is fighting against terrorists, the nation is actually supporting terrorism in a variety of ways. Thanks to its support, terrorism has become a major problem in various African nations.

One of the best examples of this is Mali. The North African nation has actually transformed into a breeding ground for extremism and terrorism thanks to support from Qatar. All of this has been a part of Qatar’s efforts to create a foothold in West Africa. It is also to help Qatar in continuing the various subversive efforts it is sponsoring in different North African countries such as Libya and Egypt.


Sudan has certainly experienced the worst of it. Qatar has been a long time financier of tribal leaders in Sudan’s western region. Apparently, Qatar has warned the leader of Sudan that it will withhold its funding if Sudan does not support Qatar in the latter’s fight against Egypt. The withdrawal of funding is certain to cause a genocidal tribal war which had last occurred in 2003.

Unfortunately for Sudan, it has been caught in a quagmire. It has been trying to improve Western perception about itself by presenting itself as a fighter against terrorism. As such, it is now stuck between its desire to improve its image and its wish to prevent human rights abuses inside its territory.

Another major case is Somalia. This republic has been caught in a fight against al Shabaab which is an affiliate of al Qaeda. Qatar has been sending money and other resources into Somalia but its agenda is slightly different. It is certainly supporting the al Shabaab insurgents. At the same time, some of its funds have found their way into the pockets of high ranking officials of the Somali government including the President of Somalia, Mohammed Abdullahi “Farmajo” Mohamed.

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