Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Abdi on Sunday reshuffled the cabinet, appointing new ministers to Livestock and Fisheries, Education and Science, and Justice.

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In his Presidential decree, the President also reshuffled out of government several ministers he had only appointed in April this year.

Minister Abdirizak Ali Abdi of Justice and Abdirahim Osman Haji Abdi, Planning, were among a phalanx of ministers and vice-ministers the President took aboard earlier in the year in his second reshuffle since he took office in December 2017.

Planning, in this current government-pot stir, also, deprives Planning Ministry of Its vice-minister, Hussein Ibrahim Buuni.

Surprisingly, Somaliland President picks up one of the most critical members of the old UDUB government, and a man who has become notorious at his time of openly promoting clan mix-up with governance and democracy. Saeed Sulub Mohamed, who held several ministerial posts under presidents Rayale and Egal, was appointed as minister of Livestock and Fisheries.

Hassan Mohamed Ali ‘Gaafaadhi’, the former Minister Livestock and Fisheries was appointed as minister of Planning and National Development – a ministry to the nation’s ambitious development plans.

Ahmed Mohamed Derie ‘Torno’ – an academician who had never immersed himself in politics, is the new minister of education and Science.

Mustafe Mohamoud Ali ‘Godane’ – another relative newcomer to the political scene, as the new minister of Justice.

Osman Adan Jama, Minister of Education, and Abdulkadir Mohamoud Sheikh, Vice Minister of Finance, also, lose their posts.

Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir ‘Ukusse’ – a very vocal former Minister of Information, becomes an Advisor to the President on election matters.

Ministers Mohamed Muse Derie and Suleiman Ali Koore change places with the latter moving from Water Resources to Information and Derie going the other direction.

Mahdi Abdullahi Osman, once more, comes back to Health Ministry as its Vice Minister.

Liban Yussuf Osman, Abdulkadir Omar Jama and Muse Ibrahim Yussuf, the other vice-ministers in this latest government-change, assume roles in Foreign Affairs, Planning and Finance, respectively.

Read here the full cabinet reshuffle  Ministers

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