The killing of the 4th Danab battalion commander of Somalia in Las Anod by Somaliland fire after he had been trained by U.S. Africa Command on taxpayer’s money to combat the Al-Shabaab terrorist group is the smoking gun that Somalia’s government is causing Somaliland to become unstable and siding with the terrorist group, and Biden’s Defense Department leadership should be questioned regarding this developing story.

Mohamed Aden Suleiman, a young man who oversaw the Somali military’s Special Forces, was reported dead last Saturday in the vicinity of Las Anod where Al-Shabaab and local militias attacked the Somaliland forces installation

At the time Americans still running Balidoogle Military Base, Mohamed was in charge of the fourth Danab commando brigade unit.


Danab Ex-Commander Killed In Las Anod By Somaliland FireLater, he rose to the position of leader of a special police team tasked with conducting inquiries in unexpected locations throughout Mogadishu. The phrase “Rapid Response Police” is commonly referred to this unit by the public.

Danab Ex-Commander Killed In Las Anod By Somaliland FireWhen he passed away, was he still serving in the Somali army?

General Odowaa Yusuf Rage – the commander of the Somali Armed Forces – told the BBC Somali Service that any officer who has been found to be taking part in the ongoing fighting in Las Anod, Somaliland, or to have done so in the past will be expelled from the army service.

Danab Ex-Commander Killed In Las Anod By Somaliland FireWhen BBC Somali Service specifically asked about the case of Commander Mohamed Suleiman, he said that he did not remember the name of that officer but stressed that he lost his job in the army when he joined the battle in Lasa Anod.

Somaliland has several times in the past leveled allegations that troops of the federal government of Somalia are fighting in La Anod

However, General Odowaa insisted that there are no officers currently enlisted as members of the armed forces of Somalia who are fighting in Las Anod to his knowledge, and any soldier who joins that war in Las Anod will lose his membership in the army.

In a recent hearing on the United States’ military posture and the national security challenges in the Greater Middle East and Africa by the House Armed Services Committee, the head of U.S. Africa Command, General Michael Langley, has been aggressively questioned about those bad apples like this commander who were trained by the US military.

Cut Somalia Off From US Aid

Who was Mohamed Adan Suleiman?

In 2011, Mohamed Suleiman was part of the Somali government’s army contingent training in Uganda, although it cannot be confirmed whether he joined the army at that time or not.

After that, Mohamed went to various trainings in some of the countries that help Somalia build its army such as Turkey.

Danab Ex-Commander Killed In Las Anod By Somaliland FireAt the time of the presidency of Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo, he became the commander of the fourth unit of the Danab forces based in Balidoogle camp, but in 2021 he transferred to a special police unit that conducts unannounced traffic stops on the streets of the capital Mogadishu and became its commander.

At the onset of Las Anod conflict, there was a video of him on the battlefield bragging about the fighting they engaged with Somaliland forces and the experience they gained in the war.

Danab Ex-Commander Killed In Las Anod By Somaliland FireOn a Facebook page under the name “Haybe Shire“, he posted pictures of himself holding a machine gun and another with a sniper gun.

The fact that this is his own Facebook is proven by this post bearing his profile Facebook name as well as an image of his own ID showing his full name.

A relative of his confirmed to Somali BBC Service that Mohamed Suleiman died last Saturday in a fight between the local militia and Somaliland forces outside the city of Las Anod.

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