British distance runner Mohamed Farah has revealed in an interview with Hello Magazine that he wanted his newborn son to have the word ‘Arsenal’ as his middle name. Unfortunately, his wife Tania Nell wasn’t having any of it and refused to name the child after the club.Football fans would’ve probably had a few thoughts about what to call their kids but were quickly shot down by the other and more sensible half. There’s nothing wrong with calling your kid Lionel or Cristiano, is it? It can’t be worse than calling them Burgundy or Blossom for that matter.

British distance runner Mohamed FarahOlympic gold medalist Farah’s deep passion for his beloved Arsenal is no secret, having already competed wearing a special pair of customized Arsenal-themed running spikes in the past. The 32-year-old has never shied off from nailing his club colors since his ascent to world athletics domination.

Farah became the first man to win the ‘triple-double’ after wins in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the Olympics and back-to-back World Championships and he celebrated the birth of his first son, Hussein along with wife Tania Nell in October.


Mo farah n wife“I wanted Arsenal to be Hussein’s middle name, but Tania wasn’t having it.” he revealed.

Calling your child ‘Arsenal’ would just be opening up the world of finishing fourth and hating yourself for two-thirds of the season, wouldn’t it?

The couple, who married in 2010, also have three-year-old twin girls Aisha and Amani, and Farah has a nine-year-old daughter Rhianna, from a previous relationship. They had announced in August that were expecting their third child together with a picture on Instagram.

The recent interview was the first time the British runner had publicly shared a photograph of his son. Farah had admitted in the interview that he ‘always wanted’ a boy and is proud of his newly-grown family.

“Growing up I would never have thought that I’d be a double Olympic champion, with a lovely home and beautiful kids,” he added.

The Olympic gold medalist previously won the title of Celebrity Dad of the Year in 2013. However, his journey off the track has been marred with incidents alleging that the British national had indulged in doping but he has been cleared multiple times on that charge. UK athletics have also got behind their star and are ready to back him in any accusation or testing.

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