Farmajo and Darod elites are allegedly planning a civil war in West Somaliland, according to a secret intelligence report.

Secret intelligence reports have uncovered a sinister plot against the stability of Somaliland. According to undisclosed sources, key players have been orchestrating a conspiracy to destabilize Somaliland from within the western region of Awdal.

The reports indicate that several members of parliament from Awdal, along with the former president of Somalia, Farmajo, have been coordinating efforts with the Ethiopian government to gain control of the strategic port of Zeila. The plot involves creating militia groups in western Somaliland to ferment unrest and conflict.


Key conspirators have allegedly been holding clandestine meetings in hotels in Ethiopia to lay out their schemes. The goal seems to be to undermine Somaliland’s peace and security by sparking civil war and division, especially between the Somaliland government and other clans. By destabilizing the West, these sinister actors aim to chip away at Somaliland’s sovereignty and independence.

The outlook appears ominous. Somaliland has remained a bastion of peace and stability in an otherwise volatile region. Such a conspiracy, if unchecked, threatens to upset the delicate balance of power and plunge parts of Somaliland into chaos and conflict. The authorities must take action to thoroughly investigate and get to the bottom of this alleged plot before it’s too late. The future peace and prosperity of Somaliland could hang in the balance.

Something sinister is brewing behind closed doors. According to intelligence reports, key players have been secretly meeting in Ethiopian hotels to plot the destabilization of Somaliland from within.

Rumors whisper of militias being trained to sow chaos in the Awdal region, Somaliland’s westernmost territory. The masterminds of this shadowy scheme are said to be prominent Daarood elites and even certain turncoat Somaliland MPs from the area, seduced by promises of power and control over the strategic port of Zeila.

The unseen hand orchestrating this conspiracy is allegedly none other than the former Somali president Farmajo himself. His hunger for power seems unquenched, and his desire to undermine Somaliland’s hard-won peace and prosperity appears undiminished.

Secret Intel Uncovers Plot Against Somaliland StabilityThe people of Awdal and Somaliland as a whole may soon find themselves plunged into violence and upheaval. The region could descend into turmoil and lawlessness as armed militias clash, families flee the fighting, and communities are torn apart.

For now, these are mere whispers in the dark, but the powers that be in Hargeisa would do well to shine a light into the shadows, exposing these clandestine plans before they can come to sinister fruition. The stability and security of Somaliland hangs in the balance, and vigilance may be the only thing that stands between its citizens and the horrors of civil war erupting once again on their doorstep.

The port of Zeila is a strategic location along the Red Sea, providing access to valuable shipping routes. Its ownership has long been contested, and it seems Somalia’s political elite have their eyes on acquiring it.

According to intelligence reports, former Somali president Farmajo has struck a secret deal with Ethiopia to destabilize the Zeila region of western Somaliland in exchange for control of the port. Farmajo and Darood clan leaders allegedly met in Ethiopia to plot civil war, planning to arm militias to undermine Somaliland’s authority in the area. Key players include Farmajo, the former president of Somalia, as well as Somaliland Members of Parliament from the Gadarbursi clan with strong ties to the port city of Zeila.

This disturbing news suggests that after failing to regain control of Somaliland through diplomatic and political means, Somalia may be resorting to violence to claim this strategic territory. The port of Zeila provides access to valuable shipping routes in the Red Sea, explaining Ethiopia’s interest in backing such a plan in exchange for future use of the port.

According to reports, the plotters aim to destabilize western Somaliland, particularly the Zeila region, arming militias to create chaos and undermine the local government’s control. Once the area is in disarray, the plan may be for Ethiopia to intervene under the guise of restoring order and claim control of the port of Zeila as payment for their “assistance.”

This sinister scheme threatens to plunge the relatively stable western Somaliland region into violence and conflict. Somaliland must remain vigilant in protecting its borders from those who would see it torn apart for their own political gain. The port of Zeila is too strategically valuable to be allowed to fall into the hands of those who do not have the best interests of the local people and government at heart.

This article was originally published on Som Elite on September 5, 2023. Written by: Kasim Abdulkadir

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