Somali FM accused Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of genocide against various ethnic groups in Ethiopia and vowed to use Somalia’s UNSC seat to denounce alleged atrocities and block the MOU between Ethiopia and Somaliland. Fiqi criticized the MoU as an act of aggression and malfeasance while also condemning Somali regional states for supporting Ethiopia. He expressed support for the resistance in Awdal against President Muse Bihi and Ethiopia’s collaboration, declaring Somalia’s commitment to thwarting Ethiopia’s ambitions through legal means.

During an impassioned speech at an X Space discussion, Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ahmed Fiqi, vehemently criticized Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, accusing him of genocide against various ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Fiqi pledged to leverage Somalia’s recent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat to denounce alleged Ethiopian government atrocities and thwart the MOU with Somaliland.


With Denmark, Greece, Pakistan, Panama, and Somalia elected as non-permanent UNSC members, Somalia’s stance on the global stage has been bolstered, according to Minister Fiqi.

Post-election, Fiqi affirmed, “Somalia will advocate for the Amhara and Tigray communities in Ethiopia through this UNSC seat.

Somali FM Accuses Abiy Ahmed Of 'Genocide', Vows To Use UNSC Against Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU
Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Fiqi.

In scathing remarks, Fiqi lambasted Abiy, asserting, “Abiy is perpetrating genocide against Ethiopians, including the Oromos and Amharas. Where is the Tigray region? Where is the Amhara region?”

Fiqi also criticized the MOU between Ethiopia and Somaliland as an act of “malfeasance and aggression” by the Ethiopian government.

He vowed to expose abuses by the Abiy regime through Somalia’s UNSC position.

Fiqi highlighted Somalia’s efforts to gain traction with bodies like the African Union (AU) and the Arab League.

Critiquing Somali regional states for supporting Ethiopia, Fiqi dismissed their backing as “bad applause” and labeled them as “spies.

He shared the story of a Somali boy from Jigjiga, expressing frustration over the lack of development and continued oppression by Ethiopian authorities.

The Economic Implications Of Somaliland-Ethiopia MoU
President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi (right) and the Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed (left) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where Ethiopia officially recognizes the Republic of Somaliland while Somaliland grants naval and commercial sea access on lease to Ethiopia for 50 years. © X/ Office of the President of Somaliland

Regarding Somaliland, Fiqi accused it of colluding with Ethiopia, particularly targeting President Muse Bihi for welcoming those who harmed his people.

Fiqi condemned the Ethiopia-Somaliland MOU as a detrimental decision, warning against compromising heritage and history.

While in the U.S., Fiqi intensified his criticism of Somaliland, praising resistance in Awdal against the regime’s collaboration with Ethiopia.

He affirmed, “The Somali government supports the uprising in Awdal against Muse Bihi and his actions. We stand with them.”

In a resolute statement, Fiqi declared, “The Somali government will thwart Ethiopia’s ambitions by any legal means necessary.”

Fiqi’s strong rhetoric highlights escalating tensions in the Horn of Africa and Somalia’s determination to challenge Ethiopia on the global stage through its UNSC influence.