The government of Somaliland has reaffirmed its stance against any foreign interference in their sea deal with Ethiopia. In a recent interview, Mustafa Abdi Essa, the Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Information, expressed their determination to counter any attempts to undermine their relationship with Ethiopia. 

Here is an exclusive look at Somaliland’s rejection of foreign interference in their sea deal and condemnation of efforts to use it against Ethiopia.

Somaliland remains resolute in countering the ongoing smear campaign orchestrated by what it terms as ‘arch and historical foes’ to disrupt the strong ties between Addis Ababa and Hargeisa.

The enduring comradeship between these neighbors will only strengthen further without external interference, stated Mustafa Abdi Essa, the Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Information, in an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald.


“Since the signing of the Ethiopia-Somaliland sea agreement, external forces have sought to tarnish its purpose and confuse the global community with coordinated misinformation,” the Director-General explained.

Somaliland Rejects Foreign Interference In Sea Deal
Mustafa Abdi Essa, the Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Information

Certain Arabian interests, embroiled in issues with Ethiopia regarding the Nile, are attempting to manipulate us as a tool against our brethren in need. However, Somaliland will not be used as a weapon against Ethiopia,” he emphasized.

We view Ethiopia as a second home for Somalilanders. Ethiopia stood by us during times of oppression and persecution under a dictatorial regime. Somalilanders faced hardships elsewhere, and Ethiopia was the sole nation that sheltered fleeing individuals, providing care when they were oppressed and tortured by Mohammed Siyad Barre. Somaliland would never conspire against its second homeland. Ethiopia is a sanctuary during tumultuous periods. Many Somaliland communities reside in Ethiopia, alongside a significant population of Ethiopian descent,” he elaborated.

Somaliland And Ethiopia Set To Finalize A Groundbreaking Agreement In Approximately 2 MonthsSomaliland retains the sovereign right to determine its destiny without external interference. Efforts are underway to counter the smear campaigns led by certain entities through robust communication strategies. The well-being and security of Ethiopia are intertwined with the interests of Somaliland.

To combat ongoing meddling and defamatory campaigns, Somaliland’s media engages with Ethiopian counterparts to align their objectives accordingly. Despite attempts to undermine the agreement as mere rhetoric, legislators are actively progressing the deal and will provide updates in due course.