Parliamentarians from Somaliland and Kenya have launched a caucus aimed at strengthening diplomatic, trade and socio-political ties between the two countries.

The Caucus formed on the weekend will be chaired by Ijara MP Sophia Abdi Noor.

Somaliland, a country fighting for international recognition has been engaging the foreign nations in Africa and beyond to build its case.


Kenya is the latest Somaliland leaders to have formed a caucus with.

The launch of the caucus comes just six months after Somaliland President Muse Bihi made a state visit to Kenya on invitation from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two leaders discussed wide-ranging issues between the two countries and signed a joint communique.

One of the agreements between the two presidents was to improve the diplomatic ties between the two nations by upgrading the Somaliland Liaison office in Nairobi to a consul and opening a Kenyan consul in Somaliland capital, Hargeisa.

The two presidents also agreed on enhancing social, political, and trade ties between the two countries.

However, the March 31 deadline date set to ensure the agreements in the communique were met has since expired but Somaliland representative to Kenya Bashe Omar says everything is moving smoothly with representatives of the two countries moving with speed to meet the set goals.

And the Somaliland/Kenya Parliamentary caucus agreed to hasten the enforcement of the communique.

Somaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen Ties
Ijara MP Sophia Abdi Noor who is the chair of the Kenya/Somaliland Parliamentary caucus. PHOTO: COURTESY

“We endeavor to push the frontiers of cooperation and friendship and seek to remove any hindrances so that our people can trade across borders, make and seek investments and opportunities in every possible way,” caucus chairperson Sophia Abdi Noor said.

She added: “The Somaliland Parliament is our core collaborative Partner.  It’s a people–to–people relationship charted and driven by the people’s representatives.

We Kenyan Parliamentarians join the ranks of other Parliamentary Caucuses with which the Somaliland Parliament has similar arrangements with such as the British House of Commons and those in the Scandinavian countries. “

In describing Somaliland, she said: “Somaliland has been aptly described as ‘Africa’s Best Kept Secret’.

In a tumultuous Greater Horn of Africa Region, characterized by unending conflicts, absence of good political democratic and economic governance, and myriad other problems, Somaliland remains the beacon of hope in the region.

Her impressive journey and story of state-craft need to be told and show-cased at every available opportunity, forum and platform so that more countries and people get to know about it to learn from this unique African experience.

And to stand in Solidarity with the people and government of Somaliland for this impeccable achievement”

In his remarks, Somaliland acting foreign minister Liban Yusuf extended his warmest salutations to Kenyans for their support of Somaliland.

“I am indeed so pleased to witness and participate with you in this auspicious occasion and to celebrate the launch of the Kenyan and Somaliland parliamentary caucus.

Somaliland and Kenya share common values and principles of democracy, good political governance symbolized by the vibrancy of our parliamentary democracy,  free-market economies, respect of fundamental rights including  human rights, transparency and open systems of government, freedoms of association and expression including free press among other things,” said minister Liban

He added: “We are fully aware and remain seized with the great excitement, some positive and immensely encouraging particularly from our peoples’ and our good and genuine friends but also the un-warranted likely skepticism and rigid resistance from other quarters from the sweeping momentum of our cooperation and friendship.

The hope for the future of our peoples’ that this cooperation carries has remained largely hidden from our critics.”

Dr. Adan Keynan, the MP for Eldas and Secretary, Joint Jubilee Coalition and Commissioner, Parliamentary Service Commission said “Kenya and Somaliland have many converging interests and are increasingly becoming strategic allies.

That brings me to the role of Parliament in complementary diplomacy which is now the norm and hall-mark of Parliamentary practice across many jurisdictions.

Our essence and role is to promote good relations and cooperation for the benefit of our country and the people we represent,” said Sophia Abdi.

Keynan added: “The Official Visit to Kenya in December by President Musa Bihi Abdi and the dialogue he had with his host President Uhuru Kenyatta is an acknowledgment of our common heritage as well as our shared aspirations and the need for us to work together for the benefit of us all.”

Somaliland representative to Kenya Bashe Omar said his office in Nairobi will ensure the caucus between legislators from the two countries work towards achieving the set goals by creating engagement opportunities.

Other speakers included Garisa governor Ali Korane who said the time has come for Kenya to take the lead in recognizing Somaliland while Madera Senator Maalim Mohammed Mahmoud said Somaliland meets all international requirements for recognition and hence the international community needs to move with speed and grant the country its position in the international map.

The caucus was formed just two weeks after Somaliland held its parliamentary and municipality elections which has been hailed by international observers and diplomats as credible, fair, free, and transparent.

The elections have ushered in new MPs who are expected to play a big role in the Kenya/Somaliland parliamentary caucus.

Kenya/Somaliland legislators form Parliamentary cause to strengthen ties between the two nations

Nairobi, June 11, 2021: In yet another step to solidify ties between Kenya and Somaliland, members of parliament from the two countries inaugurated a caucus that will focus on socio-political and trade between the nations.

In a conference held at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi Somaliland acting Foreign Minister Liban Yusuf and Hon Sophia Abdi Noor, the MP for Ijara constituency and the chairperson of the caucus signed the communique during the official inauguration of the Kenya-Somaliland Parliamentary Caucus.

Hon. Noor took the opportunity to congratulate Somaliland for the peaceful, credible, and transparent elections held on May 31 and invited the newly elected parliamentarians into the caucus.

“Somaliland has shown the world that it is truly a democratic country by holding very transparent elections on May 31,” said Sophia Noor.

Said Sophia Noor: “Parliament plays an important role in complementing the executive by undertaking Parliamentary diplomacy. To this end, a number of Kenyan Members of Parliament have visited Somaliland and vice-versa in order to strengthen and complement our cooperation. The Kenya – Somaliland Parliamentary Caucus which brings Parliamentarians from the two countries is aimed at undertaking Parliamentary Diplomacy on both sides to complement government efforts and to facilitate easing and removal of any bureaucratic bottle-necks on either side and to expand cooperation.”

She said members of the caucus from Kenya will continue working closely with the Somaliland Liaison office in Nairobi to make the caucus vibrant.

The caucus is a follow-up to the meeting between Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and Somaliland leader Musa Bihi in December where they signed a joint communique to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

Kenya MPs said they will push the government to hasten the implementation of the agreements in the communique signed between Kenyatta and Bihi.

Members of the caucus appreciated the long-standing historical ties of friendship accentuated by shared colonial history which made the two countries to share common legal, administrative and legislative systems as well as a common currency.

“Our two countries also share the important bond of people – to People ties as we have thousands of our own Kenya citizens who are of Somaliland ancestry. Meanwhile, over ten thousand Kenyans live and work in Somaliland in the different sectors of the economy. In addition, the balance of trade between our two countries which is largely in Kenya’s favor is growing because Somaliland is currently a virtual net importer of nearly everything used and consumed in the country,” members of the caucus said.

They further said Somaliland and Kenya are strong allies in regional geo-political dynamics.

Minister Liban appreciated the continued support Kenyan MPs have accorded Somaliland over the years adding that the caucus will strengthen the relationship between the legislators between the two countries.

“This caucus will play a big role in strengthening the relationship between our two great countries,” Hon Liban said.

In attendance during the inauguration were members of the Caucus from both countries as well as other key policy elites, key captains of industry, and audiences at both National and County governments.


Present at the launching, besides Hon. Sophia Abdinoor- Chair, Kenya-Somaliland Parliamentary Caucus, and  Hon. Liban Yussuf, Acting Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister, were Amb. Bashe, Somaliland Representative in Kenya, H.E Ali Korane-Governor Garissa, H.E Abdi Issa (Deputy Governor Isiolo) MPs; Sen. Mohamud Maalim (Mandera), Hon. Esther Passaris (Nairobi Women Rep), Hon. Rehema Dida Jaldesa (Isiolo Women Rep), Sen. Farhia Haji (Nominated Senator), Hon. Nasri Sahal (Nominated), Hon. Abdikarim Osman (Fafi), Hon. Kulow Hassan (Banisa), Hon. Babu Owino (Embakasi East), Hon.Mishi Mboko(Likoni), Hon. Ali Wario (Bura), and Hon. Adan Haji (Mandera West).

Among the other honorary guests attending the event were Amb. Abubakar Ogle and Rosemary Odinga.

Somaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen TiesSomaliland-Kenya MPs Launch Caucus To Strengthen Ties

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