Somaliland opposition leader, Faysal Ali Warabe told Somalia’s government to keep their hands off Somaliland’s Las Anod expulsion, while lashing out at politicians from Mogadishu for criticism over the country’s move to evict hundreds of people hailing from southern Somalia.

Somaliland authorities last week expelled over 700 people for security reasons.

The evictees arrived in several towns including Galkayo and Beledweyn where the local authorities temporarily resettled them.


Speaking to the media, the chairman of the UCID party said Somaliland leaders executed their responsibilities in accordance with the constitution.

Faysal Tells Somalia Keep Your Hands Off Somaliland's Las Anod Expulsion
From left, Faysal Ali Warabe, Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo, and late Ali Khalif Galaydh. Photo file

“We were attacked in the 1960s, and we got recognition, we went astray, we came back. The Somaliland constitution says the citizens of Somaliland are the people who lived in the sixties and before. Let them know before they settle down,” said Warabe.

Faysal accused Mogadishu of interfering with Somaliland affairs while their country was in flame.
“They should give priority to their country and resolve their problems instead of interfering with our country. They should have in mind that Somaliland is an independent country,” he said.
Faysal Ali Warabe also spelled Faisal Ali Warabe, is a Somalilander engineer and politician. He previously served as Director of Planning and Building as well as Regional Director of Somalia’s Ministry of Public Works. Additionally, Faysal Ali Warabe is the founder and Chairman of the Justice and Welfare Party (UCID).

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