Hallie Primus, the creator of Somaliland Ha Noolaato (Long Live Somaliland), is a 22-year-old multidisciplinary artist based in London currently experimenting with different mediums, and amplifying stories and voices.

Somaliland Ha Noolaato (Long Live Somaliland) takes an experimental approach in exploring and reflecting on the complex history of Somaliland from 1960 to 2021.

Please introduce yourself …


Hey, I’m Hallie, and I’m a multidisciplinary creative and Filmmaker based in London. My friend and co-producer Qasim, is a Filmmaker, Art Director, and Political Activist.

Interview With Hallie Primus Creator Of Long Live Somaliland
Hallie Primus – Creator of Long Live Somaliland

Why Long Live Somaliland?

Before Qasim approached me with the idea to create something for Somaliland’s 30th Independence Day, admittedly I didn’t even know the difference between Somalia and Somaliland, and I’m not the only one. That’s why sharing and celebrating an African story like this is so important.

Initially, we came up with the idea just to produce some photography of Qasim in different outfits that represent 3 out of 6 regions in Somaliland, through his interpretation.

Borama – The capital city of Awdal, where the peace of Somaliland was said to be restored.

Hargeisa- Capital city of Somaliland and the home of music and poetry.

Burco – Home to one of the largest livestock markets in Africa and where Somaliland declared its independence

We got to talking and ended up making a fashion film, with each outfit inspired by 3 different regions of Somaliland. It was only when I started to ask more questions about his homeland that made me go – to hell with it, let’s make a documentary. More people need to know about Somaliland. Somaliland Ha Noolaato (Long Live Somaliland) is part two of a series showcasing Somaliland in all its glory, with a success story as a peaceful, safe, and loving country that should be recognized, praised, and considered by the UN.

Interview With Hallie Primus Creator Of Long Live Somaliland
Qasim Hassan

Tell us about your team …

I and Qasim were a dream team working tirelessly together to shoot, edit, and practically everything together. I want to say a big thanks to Ben Heraud and Richard Tilney-Bassett for helping us edit the sound, and creating some assets to help tell this story. Thanks to Oliver Spain, for helping with some color grading, and the use of equipment.

What does the story of Long Live Somaliland mean to you personally?

We created the Somaliland Ha Noolaato documentary because we felt people are missing out on the rich history and culture of Somaliland and could learn a lot from the success story that it is today. Somaliland has sustained itself for over 30 years with minimal international aid and has managed to attain stability, democracy, peace, and trust which is now being noticed by the rest of the world.

Tell us a memorable moment from idea to final edit.

The most memorable moment for me was when we first got the idea to just film a documentary. It was so impromptu, we were already in my workplace’s studio, with cameras set up and ready to go, so we did it. I also remember pulling off a few 24hr days to get the edit done in time for our first previews.

Which scene best defines what you love about this project?

My favorite scene was getting creative with filming some of the more distressing scenes to fit Qasim’s voice-over. We filmed in his house which was in the chaotic limbo of being boxed up because he was moving. It was also the perfect place to film because the topics were about feeling dislodged in your environment. It allowed me to play with colored lights and projectors.

What’s next?

What’s next is unwritten, but I hope more people can continue to see the film, and that we are able to begin the process of making a full-length film together and continue to get discovered. We would love for our story to be pushed to larger audiences and for it to reach every community, and learn that there are people who have fallen but have gotten back up and now leading by example. I want to direct, so I’m taking a break from self-shooting as I tend to do. Completing this film taught me that my knowledge of how to do each role on set will help me become a better director.

How do we keep up to date with you and your work?

Please check us out on Instagram – @kasim.wise and @primrose.films

Catch Hallie,’s film Somaliland Ha Nolato (Long Live Somaliland) at the BFI Future Film Festival – find out more here

About the BFI Future Film Festival

Interview With Hallie Primus Creator Of Long Live Somaliland16 to 19 February 2023

The BFI Future Film Festival is the UK’s largest festival for young, emerging filmmakers. The festival runs across four days with events and screenings taking place both online and in-venue at the BFI Southbank, all of which are focused on helping talented young filmmakers aged 16 to 25 to break into the film and screen industries.

Saturday Shorts Screening

Incredible short films made by emerging young filmmakers aged 16 to 25.

Total running time c. 123 min.

Saturday, 18 February 15:00–17:10 NFT1

Drop Out

Drop OutDir. Ade Femzo, United Kingdom, 7 min

No matter how he looks at it, Tobi knows his good, hard-working African mother is not about to let him be a drop-out, despite how successful he is on these streets.

The Murderer

The MurdererDir. Joaquín García, Uruguay, 7 min

A man is confronted with the miserable inability to create, which leads him to commit the sanest madness.

This film contains flashing images.

Model of Life

Model of LifeDir. Sascha LO, United Kingdom, 6 min

An insecure life model is desperate to be someone’s muse, but when a budding artist chooses her as his new creative subject, she is not pleased.

Concrete Angels

Concrete AngelsDir. Rafael Contreras and Maria Strozynska, Ireland, 9 min

A short documentary on the female skateboarding scene in Dublin, Ireland.

Interdimensional Pizza Pushers

Interdimensional Pizza PushersDir. Lije Morgan, United States, 6 min

Honeybear and Fishlips race through multiple dimensions and animation styles to make their pizza deliveries in time.

Whore #4

Whore #4Dir. Florence Winter Hill, United Kingdom, 8 min

Whore #4 follows Dasha, a struggling Russian actress, living and working in London, as she auditions for stereotyped and repetitive roles.


OperaDir. Janelle Feng, United States, 3 min

A Peking Opera troupe performs in North America for the first time.

God Knows

God KnowsDir. Mone Frogg, Norway, 10 min

The dog – man’s best friend. The promise of unconditional love. But what if your dog has problems of their own to deal with?

Don’t Go Little Doe

Don't Go Little DoeDir. Justin Fargiano, United States, 5 min

A jaunt in the woods becomes a high-speed chase for a curious little doe.

This film contains distressing scenes.

Somebody Take the Wheel

Somebody Take the WheelDir. Kenzie Sutton, United States, 5 min

A monotonous cycle highlights the absurdity of everyday life.

Long Live Somaliland

Long Live SomalilandDir. Hallie Primus, United Kingdom

Somaliland Ha Nolato (Long Live Somaliland) takes an experimental approach in exploring and reflecting on the complex history of Somaliland from 1960 to 2021.

This film contains distressing scenes.

The Seine’s Tears

The Seine’s TearsDir. Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur, France, 9 min

17 October 1961, “Algerian workers” took to the streets to protest the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police Prefecture.


HoneybeeDir. Emilio Vazquez Reyes, United States, 3 min

An undocumented immigrant receives a heartwarming yet heartbreaking phone call from his daughter across the border.

This film contains distressing scenes.

As Above

As AboveDir. Kemi Anna Adeeko, United Kingdom, 3 min

A love letter to Blackness, celebrating Black love, Black beauty, and Black glory.

Being human

Being humanDir. Klara Bond, Sweden, 10 min

A group of friends. Thoughts and secrets. And the difficulties of being human.


DarksideDir. Spencer Zimmerman, United States, 11 min

After a devastating tragedy, an astronaut struggles to complete his interstellar mission to rescue a lost crew.

This film contains distressing scenes.

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