Businessman Mohamed Said Guedi is the founder and Chairman of the MSG Group Trading Company. He has the dual nationality of Somaliland and Djibouti.

Mohamed Said Guedi is a successful businessman who has grown various trading companies from start-ups to the top level, and now these companies are making annual sales in millions. He runs his successful business in East Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Mohamed Said Guedi is recognized as an ideal professional with a strong integral personality by all his colleagues and clients. He has received several certificates of appreciation. Some of them are:

  • Certificate of Appreciation Recognition Award from Democratic of Republic of Somaliland in 2016.
  • Honorary Recognition Certificate from Governor of Gabiley in 2018.
  • Honorary Recognition Certificate from Danwadaag Social Development Organization in 2019.
  • Outstanding Contribution to Amoud University
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the House of Representatives, Republic of Somaliland.

MSG Group of CompaniesBusiness

As told above, Mohamed Said Guedi is the founder and Chairman of MSG Group ETS Company. This trading company was founded in 1981 in the Horn of Africa. Muhammad Said established himself from this company.

ISomcablen 2004, after hard working and sincerity towards his work, Mohamed Said Guedi became the chairman of Independent Tobacco FZE, Dubai. In 2009, he became the chairman of SomCable LTD, Somaliland, and some other companies. Today, the MSG group trading company is the grown form of all these companies. MSG Group EST now imports and exports Tobacco, cabling system, telecommunication & fiber optics, petroleum & gas, shipping & transiting service, energy distributions, logistics management, and construction. These activities of MSG Company are discussed in brief below:

  • Independent Tobacco: it is an international company that manufactures, markets, and distributes the cigarettes of several brands in Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East.
  • SomCable: It is a telecommunication business which supplies fiber optic cable network. This fiber optic provides coverage up to 1,400 km.
  • Independent Energy: This Company supplies households with safe and secure solutions. It also provides oil and gas explorations in the UAE.
  • Logistic & Shipping Management: MSG Company provides logistics services to manage roads, air, and sea cargo services worldwide.
  • Construction and Contract Company: For more than 40 years, MSG Company is doing highway developments and civil construction projects. Some primary operations which it provides are:
  • Concrete and asphalt demolition
  • Gravel pit tasks
  • Mass diggings
  • Embankment construction
  • Water, sewer and drain utilities and infrastructure
  • EACS: This Company includes Aramex franchise which offers the courier services for worldwide at a reasonable price
Mohamed Said Guedi Improving East Africa
Mohamed Said Guedi, a Somaliland-Djibouti dual national, is the founder and Chairman of MSG Trading ETS, which has been in the export and import business in the Horn of Africa since 1981. From this trading company, he established and became the chairman of Independent Tobacco FZE, Dubai, since 2004, and chairman of Somcable LTD, Somaliland, since 2009, among other companies, which have grown today to form the MSG Group of Companies.


Mohamed Said Guedi has contributed to many charities in the Horn of Africa. He has funded for many road and water projects which includes

  • Dawga Camuud
  • Dawga Caad
  • Maintenance of Hargeisa Airport
  • Maintenance of Hargeisa government roads
  • Water reservoirs and water crossings at Aw-Barkhadle
  • Water well repairs in Ceel Gaal

And many more.

Mohamed Said Geudi has also given an education fund for less fortunate students in Djibouti and Somaliland. This fund helps almost 20 students per year in graduating from universities. He also supplied food and water facilities to more than 500 families who were affected by natural disasters.

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