Norwegian arrested in Somaliland

Police in Somaliland have arrested a Norwegian citizen in connection with an action against a Quran school where two minor Norwegian nationals are pupils, NRK writes.

MFA confirms to the national broadcaster that a Norwegian has been arrested in the de facto independent republic of Somaliland.


– Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware that two minor Norwegian nationals has been taken out of a school in Hargeisa, Somalia in a police raid. UD also confirms that a Norwegian citizen is arrested in Somalia, says communications manager Frode O. Andersen told NRK.

The action against the school took place on Tuesday. After what NRK experiences is the Norwegian citizen one of those who runs the school, which should be a dormitory established by Norwegian Somalis and Somalis living in the UK. It is not known why the person has been arrested, according to NRK.

According to the channel, the Ministry of Justice is informed about the matter. The UD confirms that the embassy in Nairobi has been in contact with the person, who has been offered consular assistance.

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