The President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi has congratulated the people and Government of Eritrea for its 29th Independence Day Anniversary on 24 May 2020.

“On behalf of the people of the Republic of Somaliland, I extend my warmest congratulations to the people of Eritrea on the 29th National Independence Anniversary. Happy Independence Day to all our Eritrean brothers & sisters.  Wish you more success, strength & prosperity.” Said Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi on Twitter


Eritrea is celebrating its 29th independence anniversary on the same day that the Muslim faithful is observing the post-Ramadan Eid Al-Fitir festivities.

Eritrea celebrated the 29th anniversary of its independence from Ethiopia. Yemane Gebremeskel, Eritrea’s Minister for information, announced on his Twitter page that the theme for this year’s celebration is “Resilience and Progress”.

The Eritrean president, President Isaias Afwerki delivered a national address in which he touched on a myriad of issues from COVID-19 to the struggle of independence and the journey ahead in terms of nation-building.

“… we must realize that we are grappling with a complex situation. The mystery of this pandemic – which does not know borders or other limiting parameters – cannot be deciphered and conclusively inferred on the basis of brief observation,” he said before outlining measures to combat the virus.

Somaliland Congratulates Eritrea On Its Independence DayAmongst others: consolidating and enhancing our long-term capabilities and strategies of prevention; develop a mechanism for testing that initially starts with a sample and base-line data but whose scope will ultimately be extended to cover all citizens inside the country as well as abroad and that will include periodic monitoring.

The Eritrean president also mentioned: enforcing strict modalities of control for the movement of people – normative or irregular – to and from the country and better equipping existing health facilities and manpower resources.

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