Numerous websites are reporting that Dr. J. Peter Pham is in the lead to become the next Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, under President Donald J. Trump.

Dr. J. Peter Pham is Director of the Atlantic Council’s Michael Ansari Africa Center – a think tank focusing on African policy and actions of Africa Nations.

Pham is more than capable of handling the position, carrying extensive knowledge of almost every African nation – even the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland.


Pham is a strong supporter of Somaliland recognition and has publicly supported Somaliland for more than a decade now.

Pham was also a member of an international election observer team, that observed over Somaliland’s 2010 Presidential Election.

If given the job, there is no doubt that Pham will quickly push for closer ties with Somaliland – but will President Trump agree?

President Trump has never spoken about Somaliland publicly – and there is a good chance that he probably has never even heard of Somaliland – but from what we’ve seen over the past few weeks, he is definitely not afraid to implement policy new to the US.

President Sillanyo’s Speech at Atlantic Council Think Thank in USA Hosted by J. Peter Pham 

Moreover, Trump’s willingness to brush off the ‘One-China’ policy should also serve as a good indicator that Somaliland recognition could be likely under the Trump administration.

More on Dr. J. Peter Pham and his ties to the Republic of Somaliland 

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  • “Given the chaos that characterizes southern and central Somalia, as well as the demographic reality that the majority of the more-than-three-million Somalilanders were born after the region declared its resumed independence and have never thought of themselves as citizens of unitary Somalia, can anyone imagine a scenario where it would be possible to reincorporate them into such a ‘state’

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