Lady Edna told off the Farmajo government for its major gaffe in its foreign policy, terming it political terrorism.

Her rebuff comes after President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi’s visit to Guinea, in which she was part of, was greeted with a politico-diplomatic gaffe that emanated from Farmajo and company that declared it’s cutting off ties with Guinea for according to the delegation a full Head of State reception.

In their argument, they said that “Somaliland was a secessionist movement”!


Lady Edna thundered that a President of Prof. Alpha Conde’s stature cannot be dictated upon or seek Al-Shabaab’s permission in order to host any entity to his country.

She noted President Conde who was a leader cherished by his people was insulted by Farmajo’s gaffe.

Somaliland Leader Visit To Guinea Is Another Diplomatic Breakthrough
Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi (left) received a warm reception from the president of Guinea Alpha Conde (right) in Conakry on July 2, 2019

Lady Edna who is a former Foreign Affairs minister with an impeccable public record spanning over five decades called for an unusual press conference which almost moved to tears those who watched it. It gave a comprehensive scenario of telling the world in no uncertain terms the essence of Somaliland that is larger than life but ironically punished unjustly by the international community for their aspirations and development with no apparent reason.

She noted that Somalia seriously disrespected the people of Guinea and their leader, when a country that has still not secured its own sovereignty since it is still not intact, claims to cut ties because of receiving Somaliland delegation.

She clearly pointed out that the international community has got to come to terms with reality and acknowledge the serious facts of reality.

Lady Edna stated that peace and stability was indispensable and such direction was ought to be worked for and towards so that public order may be realized.

She observed the Somaliland-Somalia Union have been similar to the Senegambia Union (Senegal – Gambia) hence ironically noted that the world respected both unities, but did not respect both dissolutions. Whereas the Senegambia union was dissolved after six months and hence accepted by the world community, that of Somaliland, the 12th African nation to gain independence, was not respected when they dissolved theirs.

She quite movingly, with a passion that touched the soul, gave a recap of Somaliland’s suffering at the hands of Somalia.

The President’s entourage which sojourned in Ethiopia on Saturday (yesterday) gave Lady Edna the opportunity to call for the press conference. Many leaders across the board over the week called for unity and rallying behind the nation to continue the people’s aspirations and support the President in his endeavors.



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