Jigjiga, a vessel of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE), docked at Berbera port with 758 Somaliland’s containerized cargo setting a new record for containerized cargo shipment to the port.

ESLSE’s vessels commenced regular scheduled liner service at the Berbera Port, Somaliland since July 2021. The dock of this vessel is the first after 20 years.

Since the commencement of regular operation, the Ethiopian vessels have been providing significant services to customers in the neighboring state.

ESLSE Jigjiga Vessel Docks At Berbera With 758 Somaliland Containerized Cargos
ESLSE’s Jigjiga Vessel Marks New Record In Containerized Cargo

As per Roba Megeresa, CEO of ESLSE, the Jigjiga vessel, one of the 11 vessels ESLSE owns, has been docked at Berbera with a record of container consignment.

“Last week, Jigjiga docked at the Berbera Port with 758 Somaliland’s containerized cargos, which is a very huge consignment that was never serviced at the port not only by our flag carriers but also for those who are dominant on the global containerized cargo operation,” Roba explained.

The CEO recalled that the enterprise’s vessels had been transporting about 200 containerized cargos to Somaliland which have now been spiking as he stated, “This has immense meaning for the sector.” “Our vessels market has widened,” he added.

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Berbera Port in Somaliland. Credit DP World

In the recently concluded budget year, ESLSE has increased its owned container by over three folds to reach 14,000 from about 3,000.

Ethiopian vessels have been transporting up to 11,200 metric tons of bulk cargo in a single voyage for the Somaliland market since it reintroduces its operation after two decades.

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