Professor Samuel Kwaku Bonsu, the Rector, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), says the Institute will organize a training program for selected senior officials from Somaliland to enhance their knowledge in civil service practice.

The program would strengthen the capabilities of the beneficiaries to improve civil service management at the institutional, organizational, and individual levels.

Prof Bonsu said this in Accra when the leadership of GIMPA received a 10-member delegation from the Somaliland Civil Service Institute and various heads of institutions to explore training opportunities with GIMPA.


The Rector said GIMPA had been working with the officials from Somaliland since 2020 to help them to develop the capacities of their civil servants.

“The Somaliland officials are in GIMPA to concretize some of the things we have been discussing over the years. We have visited them on a number of occasions to monitor their operations and this is the first time they are visiting us,” he said.

He said, “We will synthesize the various issues we have been discussing and chart a path in building and strengthening their capacities to improve public service delivery.”

Prof Bonsu stated that Somaliland would meet with the leadership of Ghana’s various public sectors for discussions and learn from how they operate their system in the public sector.

He said GIMPA would continue to visit Somaliland and monitor their activities and proffer the necessary directions in restructuring their public sector training institutions.

Somaliland in partnership with the World Bank initiated the Civil Service Strengthening Project and contracted GIMPA to support human resource and institutional capacity improvement in targeted government Ministries Departments and Agencies.

GIMPA To Build Capacities Of Somaliland Civil ServantsAs part of the project, the Consultancy Directorate of GIMPA conducted an institutional capacity assessment of the Civil Service Institute to identify and support measures to overcome gaps, weaknesses, and challenges.

GIMPA also designed and developed short-term training courses on common management functions, and for the civil service administrative policies, rules, and procedures for Somaliland civil servants.

It designed and developed long-term training courses on human resource management, planning and policy, and public financial management for Somaliland civil service, conducted quality assurance capacity training, training on curriculum development, and quality assurance assessment of Civil Service Institute.

Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirir, the Auditor General of the Republic of Somaliland said GIMPA was elected for the collaboration based on the Institute’s expertise and experience in the field of training quality public servants.

The Somaliland Civil Service Institute established in 2005, currently offers one-year diploma and degree programs.

Mr. Dirir said the expertise from GIMPA was expected to address some of the challenges faced by the Somaliland government in the field of public sector services.

About CSI

Somaliland Civil Service Institute (CSI)Civil Service Institute (CSI) is a national center of excellence in Administration, Management, and Accounting. The institute was established in May 2005 and officially opened on 19th September 2005. Its establishment was aimed to develop civil servants of the country to skilled knowledgeable staff. Starting with short-term trainings, it has grown significantly in terms of the number of civil servants trained, expansion of training programs, links with external institutions, and other contract trainings from external institutions.

So far, the institute has trained more than three thousand five hundred civil servants and its training covered five of the six regions and almost all of the “A” grade districts and JPLG-supported districts. The institute provides short-term trainings, long-term specialized education, and tailor-made training programs. Its partners include the Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Finance, five regional capital districts, UNDP, UN-Habitat, AET, and Ethiopian Civil Service University. Read More..

Message From The Chairman

Omer Qalonbi, The Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI)

Omer Qalonbi

The Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI)

As the Executive Director of the Civil Service Institute (CSI-Somaliland), strengthening government institutions through the different faculty education, professional training & institutional capacity development programs is our main priority.

According to the Institute’s Establishment Act our Mission is; to deliver high-quality academic and training programs based on the identified human resource needs, resulting in a cadre of civil service officers committed to delivering high-quality services in the public sector of the government of Somaliland.Read more.

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA)About GIMPA

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) was established in 1961 as a joint Ghana Government/United Nations (UN) special fund project. Originally named the Institute of Public Administration, it was set up as one of the key strategic institutions to develop the public administrative system, to provide civil servants with administrative and professional competence, and to plan and administer national, regional, and local services.
In 1966, the joint sponsorship ended and the UN formally handed over the Institute to the Government of Ghana. In 1969, the Institute was then re-designated as the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration to reflect its expanded functions. For more than 50 years, GIMPA’s activities have been guided by five successive mandates, beginning with the first legislative instrument of 1961 to the current GIMPA Act, 2004 (Act 676).
Each mandate affirmed the status of the Institute as the national management development institute to provide for the study of public administration and management of Ghana. By its latest mandate, GIMPA now offers courses in its areas of competence leading to the award of certificates, diplomas, and degrees up to the doctoral level. The areas of competence are defined to include training and education in leadership, management, public administration, and technology. Today, GIMPA has transformed itself into the leading management development institute and is an independent public tertiary institution with financial and operational autonomy. Read more.

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